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We are continuing our coverage of the 2021 W S O P, we're fortunate to have on many winners, including Phil helm youth over the last several weeks, but this gentleman continued the trend of people winning two bracelets in one year. He's the first person in 2021 to have done that. Josh Ari has done it as well, but he initially won the ten K 7 card stud championship for almost a $183,000 and then just shortly thereafter won the $1500 horse event for about a $160,000 as well. But this isn't his first two bracelets. He has two other bracelets as well winning the $25,000 high roller plo event in 2015. And also the $1500 pot limit Omaha hi low 8 or better in 2019 and to top it all off. He was also player of the year during its season 13 needless to say this gentleman is one of the superstars in poker glad to have him back on the show. Anthony Zeno. Anthony, thanks for joining us here on the bernardini poker show. My friend. My pleasure, Bernie. Thanks for having me. It is so great to see so many players of back at the World Series. You know, it was summer camp again. Everyone came back after these two years of unfortunately with the COVID pandemic for you during this COVID pandemic. Were you working on your game where you able to really kind of pick apart some aspects of your game and really bring that and maybe led to your success this year? Yeah, it's funny. I actually really, really enjoy online poker. A lot more than people know because I was playing online 2003, I had finished my undergraduate degree and saw like a commercial for ultimate pat or something. And started playing with play chips and loving it. And I've played online poker ever since then, and anywhere I could find some play in my downtime, you know? So COVID gave a lot of downtime. So I found some sites to play on, you know, whatever I could, whatever I was invited to play here and there, whatever sites, a lot of WSP dot com here in Nevada. Kind of fun. Obviously, I wish there were more cash game availability, particularly like kind of like mid steak stuff like 30 60 mixed games would be nice. Hopefully we can get back there in the future if there's more online U.S. Coke or regulation. But yeah, I did a lot of playing and thinking about the game and my own my own version of studying without it being specifically solvers. I mean, there aren't even solvers for a lot of these mixed games. Whether you're watching final tables or otherwise. But yeah, it works a lot of my games and my goal has always been my goal since I started playing all the games around 2000 around 2000 and 12 and 13 and started playing all of the games more. My goal has been to try to get say 5 to 10% better at each game.

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