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Presents we don't care what they present with whether it's headaches shoulder pain back pain knee pain indigestion, whatever it is that they show up with as their primary complaints. We first took a look at how efficiently is their whole body biomechanical system navigating in a gravitational field because something like ninety percent of the brain is spent just moving from point A to point B moving is incredibly complex. We move around all the time and we think nothing of it that is actually the genius of the whole system. That is an incredibly complex process that we are entirely mostly until it starts to complain not aware of sure. So when something bubbles up as a complaint like my shoulder has been nagging me about it comes and goes blah blah blah. This walking around on two legs must be addressed. This is the bottom line issue that has to get sorted out like the child who couldn't hop on her right leg right leg. The hip itself was restored brilliantly, but the whole mechanism the whole bipedal mechanism of walking on two legs are hopping on legs and hopping down the other there was a huge gap between the anatomy and the function. So the problem in her case was the whole center of gravity, which is our pelvis was Torq know, how may I ask if this is related to what we know as muscle memory in other words, it can be that somebody who's moving along just fine and then has an incident of some kind and doesn't move in a certain way into a different platitude of movement than forgets does the body forget because it's not practicing at movements. So excellent. What happens is when there is in Jersey And this is the Brilliance of the biological system is that we go into what we call compensation strategies. So compensation strategies can be things like like this child. She just doesn't hop on her right leg. That's a compensation strategy. Right? Just don't do it or someone who has a problem with their wrists as have carpal tunnel. They stopped using their right hand to Mouse and they start messing with the left-hander. They get a different device in order to Mouse. That's a compensation strategy. My right knee has heard since a ninja twenty years ago the way I managed I don't run up and down stairs or I take the elevator. These are all compensations. Right? But then we have then we have more kind of unconscious interesting strategies that we are unaware of and so the original biomechanical blueprint for movement has yep..

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