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There just asking too much in the red should ask that way he's undercut general right yeah yeah and it here's the issue with the trade markets w deal with free agents who can just go go out and say i will give you money now in and you come play for me and the free agent is going to sign because he doesn't want to be unemployed when you're talking about a trade when you're talking to teams the reds don't have to trade billy hamilton right now he's not bad expensive uh as a player they could say you know what i i might wait until we might wait until the middle of the year to trade this guy and that happens all the time that's what the orioles appear to be doing with manny machado they've they've decided you know what are we don't like the offers were getting now let's wait till july when there's some teams desperate for some pop then we'll trade in and see what we can get that issue with dealing with the trade market as well as the fact that you have to give step up now the benefit as you can get players who are watch he burke and again this is a team that giants who were trying to stay under the luxury tax so that they're not a fourtime repeat extender uh and really when you think about it they have to get wait under the tax or at least a bit under the tax before the season starts because if they make a midseason acquisition that player's salary counts against that number two man sounds like uh there's a lot of hurdles between now and then 2018 uh clear sale sailing so uh so henry just hunker down so this long hostile manner this thing might not start shaken out until february uhhuh yeah but you know i mean you you can have cavernous there eat some players who thought they'd be making some good coined by a new year's day and all of a sudden nick got hit their friends dear friends are already starting to get their cars packed the go to spring training i think you're going to see some gracious come down eighty nine market the more in the free gone more than a free agent market interesting henry great avenue happy new year good luck to the cow golden bear's in their ongoing henry thanks for coming on man waterpolo clearing man hey waterpolo hey you know who are the.

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