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Dr Bob Bullard is a sociologist prolific writer in environmental justice activists. He came of age during a moment of sweeping change in America I came out of the sixties in the civil rights, movement and young activists. You know fearless termine surely before Dr. Bullard turned eighteen. In nineteen, sixty four congress passed the civil rights at the law that ended segregation racial equity became his life's work in and through his research decades later, he exposed the ways that minorities bear the burden of pollution. Started working on environmental racism before it was A. Concept that was. I guess steeped in the DNA of the country racist today, anger over racism and policing is energized. The black lives matter movement. Public opinion is shifting. It feels like an historical parallel to the sixties, but bullard says this time around things are different when you look at you, know the sixties and you see. The, most cases, it was Likable out there with with whites. And in many cases, it was sprinkling a life. People out there, and this seems different. You look at the images rolling across the screen. and you see that you. You have young people. You have old people. You have in a generation of folks of all colors and sizes than and whatever saying a. we need to do something about race. Oh injustice! His observation is backed up by polls that say more Americans than ever believe racism is a big problem and pretty much. Every major climate group is joining the movement in solidarity, saying that their goals aligned with the goals of the protesters blurred sees. This is a positive step. We're talking about climate. We also talked about. Climate is racial justice. Climate is health. Climate is economic justice so the justice. Justice part in the part. Those things have to be front and center, not a footnote, but sympathetic politicians and Enviro groups lineup in support. He wants to know. What are they going to do about it? All of our groups got statements now everywhere you look. Everybody got a statement on. Racial Justice and what we say is racial justice starts at home so the Biden campaign and the Biden. Team and hopefully it will be a transition team will need to live up to this whole idea of of inclusion, an infusion of that transition with racial justice. That's the kind of leadership that I would like to see in the white. House, that can inspire motivate and get people working together. This is climate, twenty twenty, a podcast about climate change and the twenty twenty election. I'm David Gelber of the Climate Media Company the Years Project and I'm Jeff. Nest, but I run climate nexus, a climate communications group coming up how fighting racism is inextricably tied to fighting climate change and cleaning up the environment. We spoke with Dr. Bob Board about whether the momentum of black lives, matter will breathe new life into the Environmental Justice Movement, plus how President Biden could put supportive words into action..

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