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Barack Obama, Caitlyn Jenner Jenner discussed on Dennis Prager


I don't understand what that means woman yourself to be a woman yourself to be a man you're guessing a woman a biological woman who considers herself a man but has children so she considers herself a what a father so something not not not i guess so a a woman who gave birth to children and who now identifies as a man is no longer the mother of the children well look i you may have explained it i mean that means so caitlyn gender gender caitlyn jenner would say that she is not the father of her children i don't know if that's what she would say i am no longer your father i mean that's a powerful thing to say to a child i i think caitlyn jenner would say to his children i am your father but i am a woman so i don't understand this this argument here transgenders who don't consider themselves mothers i mean isn't that also by the way may i just say he's not playing around with the psyche of your child obama a man who considers himself a woman well that's caitlyn jenner i now says i'm your mother but what no but that can't be because they have a mother the person that caitlyn jenner jenner made the child with is the mother so i'm also your mother now i don't believe that i don't think caitlyn jenner jenner has done that the posh retailer said the plan meant broadening out who the cards can go to whether it's grandma's or transgender mums well even if it's a transgender mom what's wrong with a happy mother's day card it will continue selling traditional mother's day.

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Barack Obama, Caitlyn Jenner Jenner discussed on Dennis Prager

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