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Can't. Play that entire song by the ways case anybody, out, there was worried no that will not be not. Be big air tonight but suffice it to say that that's an age. Old discussion about kids and the proper way, to raise, of that of course goes all the way back to Leonard Bernstein and west side story so suffice it to say Catherine Lewis we've had this discussion for a long time absolutely, and one of, the questions I get a lot is the. Things that I did or my parents are my grandparents said they work then why don't they, seem to work now and, that's? Really the core of what I was trying to explore in my book is why. Are things so different now there, are different I, think because we've let them become different there's nothing inherent about the problems of the, twenty first century or, even the digital age we we've let. Them become different right our culture has kids are not genetically, different from what you and I were right. The culture has shifted so much and you know, every, educator I interviewed for this book who'd been teaching. More than ten years said the kids start kindergarten less able to sit. Still control themselves they wanted adult to come, in and, intervene in their conflicts and so There's something going on really really early in their lives, where they're not getting, that experience to learn how to control. Themselves here's a call from dot in Albany Oregon on the. Jim Bohannon We're fine thank you, doing good myself I just do put it mildly my childhood was certainly no vacation at Club. Med but I made it through in, good, shape good enough shape Okay Anything else you care to. Ahead I can explain. Okay I was at the. Mall I got the most part I was I was burglary abused plus. I. Got a certain amount of. Physical and sexual abuse for. Neighborhood bullies Like I say with the good Lord's help I was. Able to make that while Crowley of okay you. Survived and and sorted. We all in various ways rather other your thoughts about where we are today Maybe they are being Maybe they are maybe they are being mollycoddling. The children to Mike. I really don't know, I've never been married don't, have any children myself so.

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