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Players through an elite competitive pathway from our academy teams through the professional game said Todd Dermot Durban. Mls Executive Vice President and competition player relations as we look ahead to the twenty six fee for World Cup here in the US. Canada and Mexico now more than ever. It is incumbent on us to establish a competition that sets a new standard for elite youths. Play an allows athletes to develop their full potential. The new platform will include league season matches on both regional and national tournaments with international teams at no the athletic preempted this development with some great reporting from Poulton Torino and stamp on Sam Steph. Scale the broad strokes that piece from April fourteenth are that MLS Development Academy said complained that the standard of competition was not high enough in the pre existing development academy league in February representatives of. Us soccer tried to emphasize to as how important they were to the Boys Development Academy. This was clearly to no avail at now the DA's despite ended. We're not sure although the statement says that it will look to include non MLS development academies in this new system. We're not sure how that will work. But just the overall look of this Andrew. Mls is forging ahead with its youth plans in US soccer. Which is the governing. Body of the game did not come out with a statement. Did Not come out with a plan to replace the previous Development Academy. That just doesn't sit right to me. I have gone ahead with this. They obviously clearly thought this through. They'd obviously clearly told U S Soccer Federation that they were going ahead with this. And it's as if you soccer to react to the MLS plan Us Soccer Statement on the dissolution of the Development Academy stated that it was financial reasons derived from the pandemic that had forced the shutdown of the program. But really it seems as if behind the scenes MLS had been preparing for life without them. It just I don't know it doesn't sit right with me. It doesn't look great. Considering the Guardians of the game are supposed to be the US Soccer Federation and as much as MLS say that they want to include non mls academies in this new dispensation. I mean really. They're going to look after their own. I'm pretty sure I'm not sure about all of this. Andrew it's more of an update rather than a red card man-of-the-match the ready for Mine I guess. Jj went with these stay and play. Cup made me very nostalgic watching some of this Or It's ran a fief twenty tournament comprised of twenty different players from European clubs playing as their teams Some of the notable names at pretty big names in this trend Alexander Arnold Venecia's Zhao Felix Ashraf Akini Sergio dust of Imax. Who got absolutely rocked in the round of sixteen in the end though it was Mohammed Jeremy from FC Copenhagen who beat Yes for Carlstrom of Swedish side drew gardens to one on a golden goal. I saw the goal was very dramatic. Dirani went wild. It was a beautiful scene by the way these guys had to be pretty legit to play as like a Danish team Swedish team and get to the final. When you've got you know playing as Real Madrid and Trent plan as Liverpool like good for them The tournament was run by sports. They donated a million dollars to the Global Giddings Corona Virus Relief Fund I'll tell you this I was watching some of it and all I can say is my God. Do I miss playing video game? I myself though like I'm going to get back into it again. Remember we used to do on this podcast. We used to talk about like when was coming out and we would go through like rankings of like what different players were graded and things like that. I just I miss it. I WANNA keep I wanNA play again. I just like I just don't have time. It's a time issue for me and I know if I start playing it that other things will suffer in my life because you said I am a big man child. I think what I'm going honestly with the whole. Stay at home play home. Whatever thing I can't watch people playing because I want to play myself I can't do it. I didn't think I could either and then like I've kind of been watching like I was watching a bit of the NBA Two K. stuff out watching play cup I haven't seen much of the. Mlb The show. I haven't really watched much of that but I've seen some clips on twitter. That seems Kinda cool like. I think you know what. I'll watch a little this. I'm about to download championship manager. Zero one zero. I'm about to pick a team for caught off site. So if people want to suggest change that I take from the lower leagues right to the primarily and we can update each week. Let's do it but I might put that out on twitter to everybody. So Andrew a man of the match comes from our very own city in New York a combination of supporters supporters clubs rather of European teams in the city intruding Leicester City Role Not Eintracht Frankfurt..

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