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We first heard about ucla wild back from reporter molly livingstone. Who then spent many many hours interviewing her. I asked malaita step into the studio with me. Hey molly hi msci hiding and get so so molly can you. Can you set the scene for us like where. Where were you. Recording in niece goes home right right. We are in use his home in Which is part of jerusalem. It's kind of a hippie area. Her house it's small it's And it's kind of what i expected from her. She's a very inviting person and our home was very warm and friendly. Describe a little bit. Like what is look like he. S sca is tall. The first thing. I notice about her every time i see her is when she talks you. She looks you in the is. She dresses conservative. But kind of bohemian. She gets her nails done and she uses her hands a lot when she speaks. So that i definitely remember. She has a different hairstyle. Every time i see her she's trying to play it up. Play down she's she's seeing how she looks in different ways and how she feels right so let's begin Molly where where do we start. So we'll see the story in the us. When yiska was still jeff. My whole growing up was was a nightmare. It was like being on a How you hear about some of these ratios and you hear that the they've been running for like ten years and till you realize that they changed the cast every couple of years you wonder how could someone go out on stage night after night after night for ten years. That's what i did..

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