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Breathing wonderful, it unites body and mind. Whether, you count. Breasts are just follow them. It is for stopping. Stopping and seeing her very close. As soon as you stop the words on the page become clear. The problem of our son becomes clear. Stop and look. That's meditation insight meditation. Insight means you have a vision and insight into reality. Stopping. US also to see. and seeing helps to stop. The two are one. We do so much. We run so quickly. The situation is difficult and many people say. Don't just sit there, do something. But doing more things may make the situation worse. So you should say. Don't just do something set their. Sit there, stop be yourself first. And begin from there. That is the meaning of meditation. When you sit in Meditation Hall at home or wherever you are. You can do that. But you have to really sit. Just sitting is not enough. Sit and the. Sitting without being is not sitting. Be Stopping and seeing. I think we'll stop there. How can let's that let me just read the last of this? How can we stop? We have to resist the speed the losing of ourselves and therefore we must organize a resistance. Spinning two hours on one cup of tea during. T Meditation, is an act of resistance nonviolent resistance. We can do it because we have a Songa. We can do it together. We can resist a way of life that makes us lose ourselves. Walking Meditation is also resistance. Sitting is also resistance. So if you want to stop the course of armaments, you have to resist. And began by resisting in your own daily life. I saw car from New York with a bumper sticker. Let Peace Begin with me. That's correct. And let me begin with piece. That is also correct. Fits. Well. If you're still sitting, you can open your eyes. isn't that beautiful. It's good to go through your books once in a while, there's they're just tools. They're that we've. Maybe even read in the past and we were ready to really hear them were really to ready to really understand more deeply. So. Breathe meditate and pray. Contemplate. Resist. An resist by. Having some Audie I stopping. That some odd somebody. Is that coalescing of everything into a still? Pointed spot. As you go out for your day. I want to read something I've read this before but I. Think this is a a good good way. Let's tie all this up. What are my intentions for today? On behalf of myself and all beings. I intend to refrain from consciously hurting anyone. I intend to reframe refrain. From early OCHRE, ver- or covertly taking what is not mine. I intend to be sure that my speeches kind as well as true. I intend to refrain from addictive behaviors that confused my mind and lead to heedlessness..

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