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Fourteen thousand customers without power after severe weather ripped across central Iowa this afternoon. That's not their worst problem. Tornadoes spotted in Pella and bond Durant where damage is being reported, including down trees, tipped cars, damaged buildings. Marshall town may have taken the biggest that's between Cedar Rapids and damore in the city of about twenty seven thousand people said to have catastrophic damage. We're getting some of the initial images right now as people kind of come out of their homes and come out of their shelters. Social media video, showing heavy damage, including the roof of the courthouse completely ripped off at this point. No injuries have been reported. However, first responders are just getting to the scene. Now they're telling people to be cautious with those downed power lines and possible damaged gasline. So we'll continue to follow that story for you throughout the evening Chicago, city council committee, approving a plan to rename congress Parkway in, honor of Ida b wells politics got in the way of the city council's GPS. I be wells drive, was supposed to be the new name for belbow Dr. Belbow has a fascist history but Italian Americans didn't like that and city politicians. Didn't want take off Italian. American voters before the election so now the transportation committee has approved, a plan to, rename congress, not Balbo. The full council could vote on it next week Steve Bertrand WGN news the first hearing today for judge Joseph Klaff's through his arraignment though his Raymond. Rather postpone claps charged with carrying a concealed weapon into a prohibited area was caught on video dropping gun at the late in criminal. Courthouse back on, July third the, handgun fell from jacket draped over his arm he seen on video. Picking up the gun putting. It, into his pants pocket the arraignment reset for. August ninth because an outside prosecutor has not yet been appointed an anonymous call leads to The arrest of bourbon couple who police, say, held their daughter. Captive in their basement Waukegan police say the forty eight and forty nine year old parents told them they kept their ten year old daughter in the basement for several months because they believe she was possessed by a demon investigators say. She, was held in the basement at least since January. Police say she was given a training toilet, and showered from a bucket the. Parents were arrested on Tuesday and are still in jail the girl's three other siblings. Are now in protective custody Their parents are facing several felony charges Eric wrong. WGN news the national intelligence director Dan Coats speaking out about why he contradicted President Trump after he seemed to side with Russia over the US intelligence. Community during, the summit in Helsinki coats was interviewed at the Aspen security forum today ABC's Serena Marshall reports was just doing my job Trump's director of national intelligence Dan Coats said he felt the need to, correct the record when he issued a, statement reaffirming Russia's meddling in the two thousand sixteen presidential election that came after President Trump implied. He believed President Putin over his own intelligence agencies what we. Had assessed and reassessed and reassessed and carefully gone over Still stands later reaffirmed he trusts the US intelligence assessments but he did add it could be others when coach was asked about that it's. Undeniable that the Russians are taking. The lead on this Marshall ABC news Washington Dow WGN sports Kevin Powell thank you Ryan. New coach Matt Nagy had nothing but. Good things to say about, his quarterback Mitch Trubisky on the first day of training camp, the kid. Genuinely cares about the game of football, on his, position he, wants to be the, greatest teammate, on this team and he knows if he does that he'll make Gaza around him better and so out here. In rookie camp he's he's taken a leadership role he's he's just continuing to..

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