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And I like your idea for the six year presidency and I like the term limits thank I think there's way too much money in politics and way too much and I really never thought I'd say this but I'd really like to see a parliamentary multi party system I don't know enough about that to know if that makes sense and I'll visit you know you know it I go by the theory that all systems the worst and take a look at all the other systems and then also some of the best you know yeah I don't know if that would work or not I don't know enough about the parliamentary system I have to study and I don't I don't know enough about it to be honest with you okay what I really wanted to talk to you just want to make a comment that I'm sixty two and so I was ten years old and sixty eight and I used to watch you know the NBC game of the week sure how soon would religiously and I don't know I always think of this buyer always remember Willie Stargell he was so strong he hit a Homer on the one hand somehow is his right hand came off the bat and he still swung with his left hand and he hit a home run new on it Hey Willie Willie stalls and thanks for the call Willie Stargell was an amazingly powerful guy he had some unbelievable home runs and he was just it is about a classic slugger you know guys like Stossel Willie McCarthy those were just classic big lumbering power a left handed hitters I mean that's you know that's when you think of a slugger those guys are sluggers in the purest sense of the word because they're not they're not the best hitters they're not gonna have the highest average they're not super star players in every part of the game like the mantles in mazes in hours but they have just your sluggers all right update time is marking a forward slash like the NFL in a tweet.

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