Stafford, Cernan, Three Day discussed on Countdown - Gemini 9


A lot of ideas for fixing the problem were tossed around emission control powered by our dogging bar go up perhaps stafford could nudge the jaws with the nose of the gemena i a reasonable enough thought accepted the nose of the german i was exactly where the spacecraft parachutes were stowed damage them in the crew could never come home perhaps then cernan could take his spacewalk early flowed over to the jaws and see if he could release the cable that was another good idea except for the small problem of the explosive bolt that had not exploded meaning it could still go with any moment which would be a very bad thing for gene cernan ultimately it was decided that the docking would be scruffy instead german i nine would spend the first two days of its three day mission playing catandmouse with the alligator flying far away from it and then rendezvous again from above and below in this side practicing what was the four harder part of the rendezvous undocking exercise anyway finally on the third day it was cernan's chance to fly and he knew that the experience would be a lot more challenging than most people realized the difficulties would start with the backpack cernan was going to use it was technically known as the astronaut maneuvering unit or a emu and one important thing differentiated from backpacks used by stunt flyers on earth the ones on earth were powered by inert nitrogen the amu use pressurized hydrogen peroxide which was real rocket fuel the jets through which the exhaust would be expelled ran between the astronauts legs.

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