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Opec has agreed to extend production cuts into the first quarter of twenty twenty the agreement comes after russia and saudi arabia announced over the weekend that they would maintain output put levels help support the oil market wall street journal's oliver griffin has more from vienna what we know now is a member nations wishing various countries like saudi arabia iraq and iran they have agreed to extend that the production of one point two million barrels a day so the next nine months which will take us into twenty twenty how is it will be otake plus meeting on choose day which will confirm whether or not allied nations which is led by russia biggest producer among series known member countries have also signed up to be agreement opec meeting him during heightened tensions in the middle east end among members of opec tensions in opaque come from regional issues between ties like the gulf states and iran 'em included in that is it raining concern russia which isn't amend the i'll be cartel has a bit too much influence on the group's decision making a blight 'em to that extent consensus of between member nations is also being touted fire on his refusal to endorse ater don't get time partnership between are packed handy russian lead on ice griffin says those tensions are influencing steps opec is taking down into places you're making specifically to ways how that might affect eight longer term deal with russia now obviously with russia being healthy lodge producer it is it's important to the group's naked on without i liked nation but while iran is not keen on the idea of russia having quite so much influence amongst those nations it was kind of joking act so members of that group to sort of show it won't be derailed by iran deciding not to get on board with that number ten partnership opec conclude this meeting in vienna on choose day again wall street journal oliver griffin on what we can expect we can sort of gas that russia will agree to a road i hope this nine months caught which will sort of corral v other allied nations into green to do so is well how is it the concern will be whether or not russia will later maybe cheat on her innate slightly on that and that will mean they do not comply with those cuts on produce more than they had said they would not say whether or not they maintain that agreement throughout the rest of the nine month period wall street journal is also reporting that opec is negotiating a long term deal to cooperate with russia for the latest details on this developing story please head to our website wsj j dot com now onto a ron which announced monday that it had breached the limits set by the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement on its enriched uranium stockpiles iran had earlier threatened to exceed the three hundred kilograms cap amid rising tensions with united states joining me now from brussels with more details is wall street journal reporter lawrence norman lawrence this also comes as the five five remaining countries in the nuclear pact that being france.

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