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Kyle Wilson. Friday afternoon commute. Disrupted by a few showers thunderstorms, chilling TD IT and own career of possibilities. Apply now at GD I t dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran fem talk next news in thirty minutes. Follow us on social media. Go to one six one FM talk dot com to connect them money. Minute update with coach Pete on one oh, six one FM talk get healthy. You wanna feel better, but you don't wanna take pills, or just drink the shake over and over again, or Jack hormones because why would you then the health dare is what you seek implementing changes in your lifestyle that are easy to adapt to and showing big results type two diabetes symptoms. Reduced. You've got more energy. You're looking great, and no Jim Nikki and Maggie valley this program in a wheelchair in Los sixty pounds. So if you're ready to learn more about the healthier and take advantage of the buy one get one half off. So you and a friend or you wanna spouse can do. Call eight seven seven I dare me or log onto I dare Raleigh dot com. I want to tell you about the new audible via the first hearing aid ever to use artificial intelligence to replicate normal hearing while relieving you of the unwanted noise if you here, but don't always understand speech. Clearly, you're not alone millions of Americans struggle with speech clarity. To learn more about this amazing, new technology, call the autobahn location nearest you schedule a free hearing test, or go to hearing NC dot com. Remember with audible, you always have a forty five day, risk-free trial Americans are always on the move there in the car, or at the office or working around the house Americans refused to sit still..

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