Tips for Self Care Between Work and Family



Here Lauren do I see your last name rate I've always only ever ready to Graham I know that is correct it's like moral of the story okay few Lauren learn as a writer and you know like when I read an author's name in my I just stayed in my head forever again and I realize I've never actually like set it to myself out loud so lauren let me introduce you to our audience say it's also perfect win read as we transition into fall and learn his very active on social media Mashburn called her one of those rare authors who tweets more about others books than her own and her publicist would like her to tweet a little bit more about her own books and she is working on it she also instagrams about makeup and it is very very satisfying and Lawrence spent four years playing Roller Derby in Boston and she now lives in Macon Georgia with her husband and her two sons dare I say like you are truly a fantastic follow oh for makeup fun and experimentation you've kind of just started dabbling in it and now it's very frequent topic on your instagram thank you I know my whole life I never thought anyone would ever say that about me because I warned not a stitch of makeup and now I'm thirty six and discovering it like sixteen Gerald and having so much fun do you have any products before we get started on our listener questions like any faves that have just sprung up for you in recent months oh yeah so I just thought urban decay naked honey eye shadow palette and I love it I feel like I can do a lot of fun fall warm autumnal books with it and yes I highly recommend that and I'm a recent vert two bronze are and I think the defense Hebron's are is awesome highly recommend Fendi really snuck in there Oh yes she schallig yeah the county so you know the drill Lauren we're gonna read some email listened to them voicemails and you will join us in weighing in and we're going to kick things off with some responses to a previous listener who was very frustrated because they had no room in their life for self care they were a mom they worked fulltime they were stressed so This person writes in response to that High Kate Dory my heart goes out to the mom with two young kids who wrote about needing some ideas for self care that was me two years ago and it is so hard if she's looking for self care the one thing I'd like to suggest is the this wisdom from my mom Tom your shower is your new mini vacation tell your partner you are not available for twenty minutes and they need to deal with all catastrophes on their own locked the door or get some good smelling shampoo shave your legs and enjoy some hot water in time to yourself this saved me and I hope it helps Tori have you found that as a new mom showers for self care you know my shower is kind of annoying in that I'll be taking a shower and then it'll turn really hold for a couple of minutes and then it'll turn hot again so it's not like the most relaxing shower situation but I hear this I would like to get back into taking baths I feel like that could be a relaxing thing like after Henry goes to bed you just get water in the TUB urban yeah there Lauren I oh yeah bath person foreshore hot bath good book I shut the door and lock it because my kids are old enough to walk in lock it and then I flip overhead fans so if there is disaster happening outside the door I can't hear it so I feel like I need to respond and yeah if Tab End I would live in it if I could how often are you are you bathing is that a nightly practice for you in the winter it's more often we live in old drafty house and so that's how I get warm to take a hot bath so more often in the winter in the summer are probably once or twice a week in the winter man if I could do it every night I would genuinely impressive yeah I will say the bathroom fan is a true self care practice Yep Yep the white the grownup white noise machine yeah just blocks you're locked in a tiny room you can block out whatever noises happening beyond the door and just kinda take a moment for yourself that's actually how I started getting into skin care is because I could shut the door were and like pat things into my face I had a one year old and actually I can't I need some quiet time and you can't look at your phone when you're doing your skin care routine because you're here answer all greasy oily so that's how I started down the

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