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On the assist to get you over the hump music for a Wednesday night. Here we go KCRW. Garth Trinidad always. Pleasure. Demand. The decks for you. Kicking it off right here. Rounding out the first set, the Macau rhythm and steel band off this new record the serpent's mouth big crown recording this hoop. Jungle jungle, definitely made it into the end of the year for me personally. Anyway. That for a few more of us here forever. The album weird beat fifty four from jungle. Little dragon new EP called lover chanting just out on engine that cut called Timothy. Emily king and the set new single remind me. And balanced ours in that gorgeous rendition of Michael. At the very top. Coming up the latest from white denim out of Los Angeles at savoir-faire. Jack moves new Sherry Glaser. Andy Schoff and Darryl kissing on. Fox Warner Music from panda bears. Thunder cats. Radiant children in Los Angeles next week. Sean Ross yokozuna out of New Zealand..

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