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Stores and and with all this retail dying i know you you know westchester county well because you mentioned it so a lot of it's happening here toys yours has a lot of free standing buildings and with all these stores closing what's gonna happen to our towns and cities well you know it's a big problem you know it's not just retail dying it has a rippling effect because for a lot of cities especially a lot of small towns you know the main street the downtown with all the stores that's a big part of their tax base you're gonna lose a lot of tax revenue when those stores go out you know you drive around moronic avenue in white plains or you drive around greenwich avenue in greenwich that downtown and westport or you know any of the shopping centers every time a store goes out that's less tax revenue coming into the town so that's a big problem and then you got these landlords who are all these buildings with these empty spaces just sitting there and the shopping malls you know you're going to westchester mall or you're going to roosevelt field or you go into new jersey and any of these malls you see more and more empty stores and in some of them you they put like a wall up over the store to make it look like there wasn't even a store there because they don't know when they're ever going to rent it again and go besides these empty stores you see these food courts getting emptier and emptier so a lot of malls it's up to these mall owners about what they what they think they're gonna do and they realized they may have to give up to a certain extent on filling it with more stores and they're thinking of other things thinking of bringing in in gyms and movie theaters and stuff like that and real restaurants instead of a food court a bunch of real restaurants because the mall the one thing they got is a ton of space a lot of parking and they got if people aren't gonna come by things in retail stores they gotta have other reasons to to get them in there so that's that's the plot right now and they're looking for other things to bring in there at some point.

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