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Be speaking soon and there are a lot of people in downtown Los Angeles right now and we'll live we'll check in with us Steve Gregory shortly but lots of people in downtown LA at city hall and there's hundreds of cops on the I actually on the stairs right there city hall that we should all be joining frankly I'm to come again the kind of harm against the nine are black okay because I thought maybe I could give this weekend looking to be one where we were celebrating the reopening of our business okay I I think that it's it's sounds like Janice Hahn who is radically out of touch with everything going on in Los Angeles so we'll let her just speak about diet how she wished I were a more peaceful weekend what happened then we'd all be celebrating opening up salons and restaurants that sailed that ship has sailed miss Han all right now we do have Chris and Carlo he is out in Santa Monica where all the action is Chris man I don't know how you're doing it with all that tear gas Bob yeah I it it blocked it the drive in and out of your eyes then they get them but like all your cords around your eyes and then it just it's like that just our wall burning for a little while I'm in there there may be relief washed your ad in the paper of the build up this group of protesters and so when you come in off the ocean disclosure right and everyone it though it never once walking away from the protest that ended just everybody's got right I meanwhile as we are following the protesters and that they are walking down main street here in Santa Monica it was just a few minutes ago that we're in front of him out of the city hall then after that the in front of the courthouse you speak with a building and your products or smashing a window there kicking would have been kind of mule kick kicking backwards trying to rate the lower the lower windows and then picking up rocks and and trying to throw them in the garbage can lids and everything else and they were successfully broke a lot of windows but it didn't look like they got a good they started to migrate further up all right Hey Chris about the I I don't mean a rough year but are you anywhere near this fire that's burning in Santa Monica right now the police here the fire chief just pulled up in an S. U. V. and he's getting out but it looks like a major fire might be happening in Santa Monica right now I can't get the street let.

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