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Lawsuit expected there soon seven oh eight we have traffic and. Weather together on the eighth straight ahead then reaction to the, summit between President Trump and President Putin and it's seven fourteen your chance to win a thousand dollars traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten, eighty KRLD And it's seven a picked up a delays in Irving because of an accident this report is. Sponsored by Walgreens has Randy fuller eastbound one fourteen wallet hill there's an accident two left lanes. Are cleared with the exit ramp is still, blocked backup goes to past MacArthur as alternate you want my wanna try MacArthur to walnut hill then back, to one fourteen. Get you ahead of the problem Theresa gave us the update on. This one westbound thirty Westmoreland the car fire has cleared there's still, some heavy delays back to Sylvan and in Dallas northbound loop twelve is stop and go from thirty to one Eighty-three, Julian Rogers with a check on that drive along. Thirty five w. northbound thirty five at Allen we've got an accident on the service road and this is noteworthy because it's absolutely adding some traffic on the. Main, freeway as. Far back in fact as about seminary now it looks like. There's a vehicle spun out at that onramp I'm not even, sure you can get on the freeway from Allen but nonetheless you're going to have about five to seven minute additional drivetime Heading up towards I thirty and we've got an one fourteen Westlake an. Accident or at least a stop on the way to turn, onto one seventy. So that's again. Going to be caused by a wreck there's going to be little. Backup there you might have to detour. Over two three seventy seven in Richardson southbound seventy five service road past Campbell over the a car fire they're all the smoke was attracting a lot of attention on those mainly as now the service. Road it's the two left lanes that are going to be blocked by emergency crews but again because the smoking all the activity. Was attracting attention on those mainland's you're gonna find seventy five with northbound slowing from spring valley. Southbound from the.

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