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Welcome back to money, sir. Thank you again. Okay. So. There's a quick note out today from Deutsche Bank it's talking about. I mean, look you had unbelievable numbers says one of the best quarter ever exceleron any says they'll VM-ware's any two-horse race with new Tanic's. Now, that's a competitor. But when Iceland the taxes quarter brassieres I question whether it's a tourist race. And I figured maybe you give me a little let's say skinny and what you think of the race. Thank you. Jim. We got a great quarter. Twenty one percent product girl at sixteen percent revenue. Growth was fantastic. We're beginning to see I think some separation between winners and some who are not doing. So. Well, you saw the results of VM where Microsoft Amazon Dell pretty good some of our competitors. Not so good. And I think one of the analysts had it pretty well down pack. They ranked a lot of companies at work on software defined infrastructure ranked VM we're number one Microsoft number two red hat number three and you tax number four. And I talked on your show last year about billion data centers like baking, Kate you need the flower. You need the eggs near the sugar near the icing. It's very hard to build a days. And then we'll just the eggs which are competitive just have. One one of those products. So what we've really focused on his building the the best software defined infrastructure and the results starting to show. Well, I do think I wanted you to explain people say, well, Jim, can you go to is their equivalent of Home Depot where you can go and buy VM where it's really that simple as well. There's a perception sometimes at any of this infrastructure sort of commodities, but the fact of the matter is when you put together compute storage networking management that Davis center and focus on the three CS cost complexity and carbon we have been because forty percent of the homes of the US energies how much we we've literally save in terms of the compute. I'll impact we've had but storage virtualization as a huge. Our y pays off oftentimes the entire. Network virtualization has also been very big back. And then the big part the pulls it together as automation, and it's a lot like driving a self driving car. Self-driving data center has all of that automation and lyrics and AI that just the same way that you drive a cartoon you like the GPS you like the self-driving capabilities of it. We want a data to send to be so automated in so smart and intelligent now. We had eighty gesture.

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