Jacob Anderson, Michelle Obama, Texas School discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Get started others outrage over a sweetheart deal for for. Unity leader for a fraternity leader at a Texas school after an indictment on rape charges. A former fraternity president at Baylor University. Jacob Anderson who accused of raping a woman at a fraternity party in two thousand sixteen allegedly gagging her until she passed out and then left her unconscious body outside. He was indicted and charged with four counts of sexual assault. But he pled no contest to the lesser crime of unlawful restraint which typically carries a sentence of two to ten years in prison, but he's gonna walk out without ever seeing the inside of a jail cell ABC's. Linsey Davis reporting from Texas, France's interior minister is confirming that three people are dead twelve others injured in a shooting near a Christmas market in Strasbourg. Several of those people suffered serious injuries. The suspected shooter still on the run today. But authorities do know who he is the city on the border with Germany is effectively on lockdown as police look for the shooter and the Colorado classic bike race is switching gears. We will see a women's only race where we are highlighting women. And creating an opportunity for them to have a longer race tap more exposure CO Tiffany doorman says next summer's race will be the only women's standalone stage race in the western hemisphere on the calendar. And finally, the chance to meet former first lady Michelle Obama and get a signed copy of her memoir is up for grabs. The morning. She's got a signing event set for the tattered cover on colefax. Tomorrow ahead of her.

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