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She was abusive to dora very obese. But you know. I i used to hate her and i had to realize that my mother hand gave me when she was handed. So you know. She ain't talknet that. She only teach me what she suppress their pain though. Yeah she passed pain. She died at thirty nine years old. And when i tell you. I've never seen nobody isn't miserable. This lady will this lady. If you saw her utah she was there. A fifty or sixty Oh she was cry. She cried all the time about my stepfather leave her. Oh kurds johnston. Mommy been gone ten years. You still crime. That was one of the things that she had me like. I didn't have a father and she didn't really have a father figure her life her. My my granddad beat her mother so you know she had a gap there and she she she just peak of me. My daddy beat her boyfriend beaters. Everybody beat her She would call you ugly right all the time. She thought my sister was way purdy on me. I got agnew real early in life. As she was his momo's things he's talked those light ugly bitch and that was normal. Conversation is amazing to me how you were able to break that cycle of pain well since it was so generational in in your family I started to love myself out to dylan her. Daddy you know. I realized i was searching for something in him and I care more about him than myself. I realize i couldn't be a good pair until i started to love myself. And you wanna change your life. You've gotta change your lifestyle. I had to change my lifestyle in it was not easy. We have more with ms pat when we come back. don't move. is the breakfast club morning. The breakfast club breakfast club back with our best interviews porting everybody is. Dj envy. Angela ye shall. I mean we are the breakfast club. We have miss pat in the building or the comedian. Show me did you have any likes pershing advisors and counselors what what was the determining point for you to To save my keys. When i went to jail. That was a turning point for me. I had to say my keys. I didn't want my daughter to be malicious my mom in my book. It tells you how my mom look the other way when a boyfriend was missed with us so i was like. Y'all ain't by the marquees news were fifteen in our think. Our i was No he started before. I had a baby. He started messing with us. He would give us five dollars when he was hush money types though. Yeah because we was like Probably teen 'cause. I have my best already miss when my father. Oh he did a couple of years and when did you make him stop. He just stopped on his own. Dot when He's thought when. I got with ashley daddy and i never told store and terro nibble half of their book. My husband not read the book. Kids even know. Wow my son who's thirty one. He called me one day started reading the book and he voice was broke up. I was like what's wrong. And he's mama. I had no idea that you went through the stuff you went through and i was wrong with theresa rachel book. I say i didn't know you green off. Raise your mother. Your mother turned a blind eye because he just didn't care because he was an alcoholic. Mom and town of blind eye because she had five kids she needed help. Plus we never really told her. We never told her because he say if you tell her she. I'm not gonna be able to feature all anymore i'm not going be able to help wherein and we moved so much in my life like give thought i every ninety days and that was the first i other than my granny how we had a little to build the and we knew he was gonna bring food like at least every friday so we saw marsha mentally. He made us feel like we was hip. And now what about the time. You almost got roller skate. Debut my father. That was our dad. He he roller skate. He hit me. What a stop stop. And he will be me with anything in I was about sixteen when i finally started fighting back. Because i shot him to the right after he shot. You're shot him later. I sat him in ankle and he broke his holy. Could so i went to the grady hospital in atlanta to pick him up he no. He got a lot of baby mama. Can i go to pick him up. He got his baby mama. Picking them up. So i'm pissed off because i shot you so i can take care you so thank you you so at that shot me. He got his mom down. I ran him over with my car and broke his ks and so they had to take him back in the hospital. So i beat him and i snuck in how president i shot you so i can come get you. You have a day. I'm gonna put both for you and a k beaten on. You know he. Just just leave with different baby mamas. I was thinking of it. Td's we give me crabs gonna rent fleet. So i'll just sit still see him now. Jiffy louis wanna give me a discount. You look at him now. He hates me He told me the other day. I was talking to him and we got he got into. We can only talk about. Aids is out of noah's that you know what i got nine baby mamas and you the only one i hate and i felt i. I was like dude. I'm still special in your life. But he don't know why he hate me. He hate me. Because i grew up. I'm not that twelve yo anymore. I grew up and became a woman. And i found a man to help raise his keys. So you should be thinking this man who who stepped in to help raise jerky. How do you feel about your father. Then hearing all those stores she don't like him. No i'm good. I don't blame you. Did you ever go to therapy or anything. No i didn't never go to therapy. Seem so strong and soda together after everything. I'm hearing right now. You know what comedy. Save me because i had all that pain built up inside and the more i started to tell my stories the more i I started to heal. Well how'd you get the comedy missing a big so. I voted for bill. Clinton interrupted that he started the welfare to work program. So i had to go through the welfare to work program program to keep my sister and i met a case worker and i will tell i was. Oh i've been through all of this. And she was a black lady. She just bust out laughing as she said. I really think you miss your calling them. Like what are you talking about as she was she just kept encourage me to get on stage and i got on stage at an open mic and i realized i said this is what i wanna do for. One thing. It's the only job that i ever had. That didn't shake my criminal background history. So what does success look like for you. Ultimately ms pat. I mean to me. I hold my comedy career In land me. I would like to have call. I could see that your story is a movie already. Yeah like to have a c- come. I always said. I wanted a book deal really well. Our special. I don't have our special yet. I will miss scott dilemma for you. Know i think the sky's the limit for me. Because i'm on is i tell people all the time. I don't do cat jokes. I wanted more. Can't joe i just want to punch him in the bottom of they name. I'm like you go rob a bank so you can have some real stuff to talk about clearly clearly cleared..

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