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Watch all three hours of the day show the first channel two forty eight vice president should have said it we apologize for it but I really think the goal and the president trop to try to use this in this campaign he who has since day one done everything within his power of course supported by his enablers to divide this country along racial lines how now let me just say that because she is on the shortlist she wants to be on the short list for V. P. N. you can't go against the the duties considering you but did you see that welcome back to the show in Dallas did you see that over the weekend all these so it was pulled us remember the order to demonstrate a debt Stacey Abrams is saying yes I am shortlisted for to be V. P. and then demands came out so yeah me too which had to make a rooms mad and it was like a V. P. off with all of these these women did you notice that because I I I made a remark to my husband about this I'm like okay so I mean it just it's like they were it felt to me like they were trying to one up each other oh man so a couple of things to touch on the CDC reopening guidelines I know that there's like a meme that has been going around about this and I don't think that some of these have been some of them I think I've been fake some of them are real I mean just Google CDC guidelines and go to the news section so what I tell people because they see people like sharing some stuff that's kinda silly and I think some of them are doing it because they understand the facetious miss of it so they were talking about how they re opening plan one of the things that I saw this was from NBC where they're talking about sneeze guards at registers mass transit workers are supposed to close over the row of seats on their buses students should eat lunch and their classrooms instead of cafeterias congregating in cafeterias and they talk about disinfection for high traffic areas the D. school ones particularly some of this I think is gonna be a little hard when you're talking about keeping kids in the classroom almost all the time because you get a how are you going to be able to do recess although probably would be better for them to be outside having recess the third elementary school because that's it there was another study by that talking about from the CDC or about the CDC reaffirming what they had said with regards to our high temperatures and sunlight and the CDC guidelines for schools the they were coming out with us so some of them I mean it's like sixty pages there's a sixty page document that was shell because they were concerned it was too specific and so this was a shorter version of it and it seems like a pretty nice kind of restrict road map I mean if you're if you're gonna socially distance in school and do other things I don't know I kind of wonder then what's the point of re opening if you're like limiting the number of kids in classes in your you are doing things where basically it's just admitted that they're sitting in at the same desk all day why I I I don't know I just feel like we're gonna have to do it there's one there needs to be this needs to be I think given more thought out really I just don't know I I I just don't know how they're gonna how they're gonna do some of this the guidelines I was looking at W. I. S. H. TV that had some of the guidelines for schools to one way hallways they were talking about ventilation having a better ventilation in schools and they and it even gets into like the documents and how that and how worksheets and stuff for distributed and and all kinds of stuff so and I think this would probably would have to be different state by state because there are some school districts that were huge like the school that I went to in my class along we have like five hundred and thirty so my kids just in my class alone I went I went to one of the biggest districts in my state but then my cousins living in rural Missouri I mean heck they have thirteen people in their class so there's there it's it cannot be a top down approach to this I think this is something that each district is going to have to handle themselves because I see too many people demanding from the federal government we want specific and completely you know itemized restrictions on re opening okay well that's not gonna happen that way for the for the example that I gave a loan and I don't think that it's fair to punish the smaller schools because the bigger schools are going to it would have more trouble because of their the density of being able to accommodate those right those restrictions you know then just let them have the rule schools opened you have the smaller schools open I don't think that that's too much to ask but you're there's no way there's no way that this is going to be able to be a top down approach and the expectation that it should be is kind of silly so I know I keep seeing all these articles were different districts are are are discussing what they could do like have desk six feet apart avoid sharing of electronic devices learning aids art supplies games where face cloth coverings when possible okay that's going to be a they get that stupid and doesn't do a damn thing unless you're gonna give these kids all N. ninety five masks stop it that is so stupid it is so dumb virtual activities field trips assemblies performances and parent meetings stagger school arrival and drop off then why not just have everybody learn how and they said have one of the proposals would have students eat in their classroom with their own meals are plated food and disposable wearers if the from the cafeteria I this does not work in high school at all and this is gonna be tough like I said it I feel so bad for these kids so bad form I wanted to switch it up and talk about this video that came out of this arrest of this this was kind of unbelievable this guy I'm I'm I'm close my thing out here this individual was arrested in New York and this is the video that I had that I had I I watched and it was on a plane for me on Twitter and I this is this man was in down by an officer by the way this is in Minneapolis I had incorrectly said New York I think accidentally a little earlier and I just I think I I don't know if I remember maybe I didn't say that but just in case they did this is a Minneapolis the mayor said that four officers have been fired in this is in Minneapolis this guy was arrested and FBI Minnesota law enforcement are now investigating this and I I is this is this really it what it does happen is like a a social distancing arrest right or was it a social distancing arrested because it's one article that I saw so ones and forgery or some forgery and then like they did when they approached him it was I've I've seen a couple of reports that the bottom line is that the video of the sky which is really hard to watch he was arrested and he was on his he was on his stomach and there's really clear video of this and his heads to the size was on his stomach as has the slightest faces on the on the asphalt and the officer arresting him is has his knees on the back of his neck like not on his head it's on his is clearly on his on his neck you can see I mean there's no way to there's no so there's no spending any of us and so this that the guy who was being arrested is telling him look I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe and you can tell that he gave me he's having trouble his his his breathing is labored and and and and if you want to Rachel for the video for those on the live stream I would only just like show the screenshot of the beginning or even like that but I wouldn't play anymore than that because and it's a it's a long video so his his breathing is restricted and he's saying I can't breathe and because the this one says it was about drugs this article I mean there's we're going to find out the investigation and I have a transcript of the video because the the officer was asking well what do you want your rested me were saying I can't breathe and then the someone goes don't do drugs kids and someone else says this isn't about drugs man and it then the conversation keeps going and it took place last Monday evening and originally was about to call the guy that they suspected of forgery hit this guy was in his forties and some reports said that he appeared to be under the influence I don't know if that's that's only two articles that I thought of a lot and and again I need more than appeared to be but the bottom line is that he was taken into custody he was on the ground his head was to the side and the guy had the officer had his knee on his neck the entire time he kept saying I can't breathe I can't breathe and then at some point in the video he stops breathing and his eyes are just open and the people the onlookers are going pro is not even moving he's not even moving and I I and and I don't want to play the whole work really show you like a portion because it's like a longer video but I'm not showing you the end of it and he clearly was medically distressed I guess is the best way to put it and he's he just like stop reading he and he was he was dead he a he was dead their thirty said quote he died a short time later they said no weapons were by any type where it were by anyone were involved in this incident but he died a short time later he was not identified originally and they said that he was ordered to get out of his car he did but then he had physically resisted the officers thus they put on the ground like that well right I'm just wondering if they felt that they had him contained enough to where they could have removed the knee off the neck that does not seem to be the best practice I mean I get it if someone is and and were having a longer conversation here so let's not pretend nuances dad you know I've seen some arrests where someone was violently fighting the cops and they get him down and they have like the knee on the back but at some point when you have the person contained can you did not maybe have the knee on the mac that doesn't seem to be the best way especially to do can't breeze.

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