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You said not to his mother. Hey, It was so fun. I'm gonna watch it. Hmm. All right. I'm going to fuck you got Amazon? I think almost sounded like a Yes, Queen in the middle of that. Did you hear that Quiet. Yes, Yes. Then there's a reference to conduct. Yeah, Very funny. What's this? What conduct? Yeah, that's fictional. Just like not to me. We're not to everyone s so funny in the barbershop is the same people he's acting is all the different guys. If you've seen it, it should be a nice breath of nostalgia for it. Yes, on and James Earl Jones. Jeez. He looks exactly the same time was that possible? His voice is great. How old is he? Nine. Risky. I mean, Steve, he looks really good. Like 20 years younger Photoshopped. I first got to know James Earl Jones. Okay? No, no, not in real life. Take it easy. Not in real life. Okay? You're the one who spoke with the legend and didn't even know you were talking with. It is true that is James Earl Jones on the Bell Atlantic commercials. Oh, hello Atlanta before became Verizon. And he would say, Bell Atlantic, the heart of communication. That's how I get there. And then later, I was like, Oh, he's also dark Vader. Interested. I'll I know that's why I said it. Yeah. Hey, can let's do a little something here. How about can we do Super Bowl ads at the at the end of the show today? Okay, Steve go through some secretly rats because we had a Facebook question that is blowing up our Facebook, Hannah said. We've contacted Facebook headquarters. The servers frying in 88 responses. And the question is this What TV or movie house would you choose to live in? If you could Oh, because you know the silence of the Lambs House sold yesterday in Pennsylvania. OK, that's right for not very much, So it's not like a TV set. You got home, man. Okay? There was in the movie. Okay. What was big, little not big little lies? Yeah. Somebody said any house from big little lies. Yes, eyes. They they're smart. It's the big little life. How's that? Laura Linney? Nope. Nope. Nope. Reese Witherspoon know if the other one What is happening? People tell me I look like her. Laura Linney. Nope. Homecoming. Laura Linney. She's so funny, the one who said I will not not be rich Laura Linney. It is not Laura Linney keeps saying Laura Linney, though Maybe it'll come true. I think it's Laura Lee. It's not. It's not Reese Witherspoon. It's not Nicole Kidman. People are screaming at the radio right now. Who is the other woman in that it is Laura Dern. Laura Dirt. How's that feeling? Laura Linney she is from she's probably on Ozark right now. I believe Oh, Or the Big C. Yeah, Lawrence. She plays were nada. I want to live in that house. I like that super modern, clean. Lines. Just no clutter you of the ocean. All glass walls looking out to the beach. Yeah. Yeah, they had unbelievable. Sorry. Uh, Kelly said the house from Parenthood. That's a cool house. Yeah, the schoolhouse. I love that show. Great, really great. Tammy says the McAllister's house and Home alone is worth that much used to live that sold not too long ago in Chicago. He goes 800,000 something like that. Good, really good. The houseboat in the movie House Boat, which was with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. Mom back to Sophia Loren. Well, this is Karen D. Regina McCollough says the Waltons from the country kitchen to the slamming screen door. I love it all I do to on the mountains. Yes, the full House house like the full House house. Your neighbors are too close, though. Sure. That's fine Friends apartment would be fun for a couple weeks department from Friends like them just just to be in that little situation that be cool, Joy says Pee Wee's Playhouse is where she would like to live. Yes, it's pretty cool. Yeah. The Golden Girls house from Justine, the pretty house. I like it. Engine in, says Mork in Mindy's I can't even say that. I remember what it looked like. I thought it was in a apartment. Knock knock. Who's there? No. Who? Mm, No, no, no, no. Mork and Mindy talk. The Waltons House 2.5 Men's house. Oh, this is good. Okay, This is like somebody said the house in the movie. It's complicated. Or with one from the movie home again. They look very similar. Let's go. It's complicated that is a Nancy Meyers movie. And I would choose to live in the house from the holiday. Cameron Diaz, his house Not Kate Winslet's house. So the one in L, A, not the one in England. It is so fabulous and you know, it's funny. We just watched them over the other night. The style in there, This movie came out No. Five or over three, the style in it. Looks totally Cutting edge like every you wouldn't change anything from this house That just goes to show you that if you have really good taste, classic taste and you choose neutral colors. It just it can last forever. You're right, Steve. I love the holiday house. Oh, my gosh. The ranch on Yellowstone. Says Pam stronger, Let's see a couple more here. The house from Clue the movie. Okay. The Weasley house from Harry Potter. There is another more department at Lake of the aisle. Oh, yes. So cool. Did anybody mention the house from fresh Prince of Bel Air? Because you just watch that documentary, right? Steve did I don't think but I agree that be a great one. Yeah. Frasier Crane's flat overlooking Seattle. Ta Sally. Right way whenever the mood based salad with their eggs. Yeah, That's my question. Well, no, I think Well with scrambled eggs. Yeah, this isn't even like die. Stop eggs in it Sometimes. You know, you do a hard boiled egg and and you chop it in quarters. You put it on a salad, and it's fine. But a scrambled egg situation. You're right. I'm agreed with yes. I love the road. Use mine. Don't know that's great. Oh, God like Donna says, asked me the time. I'll tell you the history of the club. Yeah. Hey, almost hit this kid. Just wait. Come back done has a study about how much we judge couples? Who post about one another online so good, so dig into that we'll get our inner judgmental vibes on when we return. You're listening to the radio or a nap or your computer. It's my talk one of 71.

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