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D. because co is we know who quit on. Don't do that. Don't do that. The man with engine. He was injured if they look good and UCLA. I already got hurt. Right down the street from me to shoot over there. Watch healing you because you know in your heart of hearts that there's only one one move to be made here for LeBron James, it's to get Kevin Durant, and I was told by source very close to Kevin that LeBron did check in with our here because he was free. Use a free time on a lot of fame, Paul. Paul, George, we kick the tires also Kevin is open to listening next year, depending on what happens. What's going to? What was the Lakers look like with LeBron? What will it play? Like? What will feel like? Well, you know that it could be a disaster will, DeMarcus cousins worker not working Golden State. I don't know mean will will they fall apart because democracy. Katie lebron. I think we deserve that. This is what the people want to see. Yeah, yeah, we need to see this. You know, some people could be. They could start making a case that katie's the goat. Could they could? Okay. I'm not saying that you right there might be. I keep putting him in position where he can fight back and take shots at Kevin Durant, and he will not do because he know down the line. I mean, there might be some time to give consideration giving the red being the Goten doing that right before we una conversation throw out something and it's time. Thanks as always for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny tapped or back at the same time tomorrow morning. Nine thirty eastern. We'll see then. Why..

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