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When he knows i think we'll all know a gulf so good follow up question from gulliken lingo if you were offered the job would you take it i think there's a good chance i'm excited about where i am in terms of not in the game and and prepared back and coach i just don't want to sit here speculate it's almost like uh uh i don't know what's going to happen to be honest with you it's been a along couple of weeks i know they've gone through their process of interviewing candidates and until they're done i won't know but i did have a good meeting with mark i've known him a long time and i got a lot of respect for the reader football organisation his cadences unbelievable when you work for the when you were covering the naive what was his affiliation with the niners like in 1990 your ninety one like ours and govern that he was gone by the time i got there 94 was he what you want for the team's the lowest level guy he was cutting up film or the coaches and he had a clashing hit trick that's it okay so he was injured when his mentor yeah well he was the offense of quality control guy which they're working for mike holmgren and bob mckittrick around like some of the great he really mind as you're there all night cutting up film for them before nothing been what like to attend his 20s i would say fifty four now right yeah you have to finish one is it up early twenties young to earth so you that was that was eighty nine ninety so that so what was the next stop is mitch wants or he went from the forty nine as quality control guy film stuff and then what did do pat do you know where we might have been philly right with right yellen at the ricky watters member that they have there been guard have wow yeah again ninety ninety three ninety went to war it for a year okay and he went to the packers holmgren took them there to be okay well then he was a receivers coach for home grit and the packers then the eagle's yellow coordinator notified to 97 then then it's okay gotcha in one last one was he offered ownership stake which ian rappaport told us to slow or role on yesterday because.

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