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Here's our first call. Hey, Jordan, Jesse and Chris Fairbanks, this is AVI from yes, Alameda where the nuclear Wessels are on the momentous occasion. This Alameda where the nuclear weapons are trying Alameda were. The Alameda flea market is I think he was saying Wessels in reference to Star Trek for the voyage home. Oh, yeah, he sure did. Yes, yeah, that was a Star Trek for reference. Yes. Sorry, I guess I've been. I've been a little slow today. I've been thinking as quickly as as I had in the past. You should have seen me. I was trying to call up my notes on my laptop for an interview. I did earlier today with w. Kamau bell and it was just me holding the mouse and going Hello computer. That delivery of compute. Star Trek four is the best Star Trek thing. Yep, they'll degrade at broad copy those guys. It's kinda weird actually. Yeah. We listen to the now that we've figured out the Star Trek reference, shall we dance to the rest of the call. Thanks Jordan. The nuclear weapons are calling him. The momentous occasions earlier today I got to hold and take a selfie with c actual best picture. Best animates patted me ward for tracking. A lot happier than it looks on TV I guess. Shrek one and Academy Award apparently wreck Shrek. You would've thought trick to I. You ought to. That's the best Shrek. Yeah, I don't have an. I have no opinions. I've never seen Shrek. Shrek are pretty fun. I've seen. I feel like I've seen Shrek. It was really, I've seen, I think only the first track, but it was really good. I mean, it was Mike Myers before the guru, and we would all like to bottle guru Myers and also Cameron Diaz. I mean, she's been delivering for twenty years now. Like Fiona was amazing, character guy. This is really your. I think feel like Cameron Diaz is so much deeper into your area of expertise than mine that I would defer to any Cameron Diaz. I, I can't even name a Cameron Diaz movie right now. Charlie's angels, full throttle. Okay. I saw Charlie, I saw Charlie's angels. Two that's full-throttle is that is that the one that has Tom green in it for? No reason. Oh, he's driving a boat, but he was married to to very drew Barrymore at the time. That makes a ton of sense. You know, I think Shrek what did win best feature, but also went best regional song in that is how smashmouth got there for Gatti. Oh my God. That song writing was too long run to say that anyway. Sorry, put that songwriting. Oscar is amazing. It isn't it so much. I know. Yeah. I mean, it wasn't you have to get other things like they would not be an e got had. They not also written the music for fun home. You also have to get that kind of. Yeah, right. Bouncy elaine's top Ray game at weren't for the work. They did on Elaine strict last cabaret show they win out of a Tony, right? Right. It's not just grandma their Grammys for best spoken workout, so they read their audio book. Yeah. So, yeah, my life in the mouth liner note ever liner notes, Grammy. Let's take our next call. JJ go me and my dad have always a little bit of trouble communicating with each other..

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