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For smaller jails to be built around city hall some disrupted the council vote yesterday while others protest at the plan to build for jails in the boroughs to replace strikers down way for the entire community for the neighborhood for they're putting it all in residential areas the council speaker Cory Johnson says rakers symbolizes in humanity and brutality the plan assumes the number of prisoners will be cut in half over the next seven years using falling crime numbers I'm Scott Pringle W. or to use to M. E. M. T. is in critical condition following a fender Bender accident in queens the empty Liam global name suffered a stroke while driving an ambulance on the B. Q. we yesterday afternoon got into a minor accident lieutenant Raymond Wong responded to help he suffered an aortic aneurysm both are fighting for their lives this morning the news brought to you by the Osborne the Osborne dot org check on traffic is very fire burning one hour delays now the north is a west bound trying to travel towards will kill road exit one got an unauthorized tractor trailer taking out the right hand lane your jam back from before that's highway that's French is barely moving something stable directions by eagle Avenue was heavy on the eastbound side a truck hit the over pass into eagle Avenue AT east one express lanes remain closed down before actually forty five in Parsippany that is Bever wick road crash investigation has been there for several hours you have to take the local lanes or route forty six but that is a forty five to fifty five minutes away this report sponsored by D. E. A. take back day October twenty six D. A. take back dot com if you don't dispose of the unused prescription drugs in your home they could end up lost stolen or misused D. a take back day Saturday October twenty six to find a collection site near you visit D. E. A. take back dot com our next topic updates and fifteen minutes on seven ten W. O. R. will check the weather and sports next do you sell stuff online then you know what a pain shipping can be it's time consuming it's expensive it's a hassle.

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