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A woman who apparently was living highlight style of pacific palisades but how she was hurting her money very attractive on the twotonne zucker picture yes how she was earning her muttering wow this will blow your mind coming up john and ken care find debra mark has this the lapd says a serial rapist has kidnapped in attacked a dozen women in south la captain william hayes says the rape statebacked 2014 though the cases weren't linked until dna tests earlier this year his as he says rather the attacker is black bald and sometimes has saltandpepper facial hair he says the man drove the black pick up then switch to an older white compact sedan victims have been cooperating with us but unfortunately we we don't have a better description of of the vehicle or the suspect at this point in time the women range in age from fifteen to forty six and most were working as prostitutes when the police and glendora say a man who's partially blind has been using the condition to grope women lieutenant james dimond says the man is a transient who approached women of bus stops in glendora anna susanne gotheburg in your arm of both of them for direction they would help that he grabbed them the guy's due in court monday the news is brought to you by reborn cabinets and acts khan accused of ambush killings of to palm springs police officers has been ordered to stand trial on charges that could land him on death row john felix allegedly shot and killed both officers and injured a third as they respond to a call from felix his home in 2016 the officers were responding to a nine one one call about a fight between felix and his sister over a remote control congress has gotten one step closer to passing a man asif tax bill abc's alley rogue insist thousands of pages of the bill have been released for review.

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