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By Kelsey Chevrolet. Welcome it on a Monday night. Hope you had at least a decent and manageable week. And hang out for a while. We've got two hours tonight to get it done. Got some reds have got some Bangles got a couple of fun topics. We'll toss along the way and, of course, extend the opportunity for you to engage in conversations. Let's take a look at the headlines and then we go. We start with Major League baseball where there's no official word. From the players, at least to this point, with reaction to Major League Baseball's proposal to delay the start of the season and spring training by a month play 154 games played the world Syriza in mid November. The proposal by Major League Baseball also includes an expanded playoffs. Michael Hill, the former general manager, the Marlins in Cincinnati Country Day grad today named by Major League Baseball, a senior VP of operations, He'll oversee the umpires and discipline in major league baseball. The NFL. It is officially Super Bowl Week. The Buccaneers and Chiefs Hook up Sunday in Tampa will be a scaled back week, media availability for the team's players and coaches conducted remotely that began with today's media day proceedings. College football. The U. C. Bear cats, according to multiple reports to name Darren Paige knew running backs coach He spent the last two years at Eastern Michigan as the wide receivers coach. He played for the Miami RedHawks for a season at wide receiver. He would replace Dan. He knows who left you see to become the offensive coordinator at Maryland. College basketball. Xavier played Saturday against Butler wanted Hingle Fieldhouse playing for the first time in 20 days. Now they're back on pause. This Wednesday's game against the Paul has been postponed. Getaway positive test in the Tier one. The Xavier basketball program. Kentucky was scheduled to play Missouri tomorrow night at nine. That game has been moved to Wednesday. They will tip at seven. Kentucky had been paused over the weekend. It did not play their SEC Big 12 Challenge game against Texas College basketball. The AP Top 25 is out same four at the top from last week. Gonzaga won Baylor to Villanova three Michigan four. Chris Holdman. The Buckeyes are at seven hugs in West Virginia. It's 17 Mick and the U. C L. A Bruins at 21. Radu is 24th among those receiving votes that Xavier Musketeers and the Louisville Cardinals, Speaking of the Cardinals winners this afternoon, Monday afternoon Hoops in the A C C, Louisville over Georgia Tech 74 58 Tonight It's coaches show night and K U has things rolling at the latest on the North underway right now on ESPN 15 30. Travis Steal show starts at seven talking All things Musketeers on 55 Care. See, and the John Brandon show follows sports talk at eight. Right here on 700 wlw. The bear Cats are scheduled to return to action on Thursday night at Temple Knock on wood. That would be their first game since January. The 10th The American Athletic Conference has announced tonight that their games Sunday at two lane has been moved from a six o'clock tip. To a noon tip. Clearly, that rather significant football game did not want to go up against you see into lane on Sunday evening, women's hoops. It's a showdown and Crestview Hills. They're underway. Number four Thomas Moore, 18 and one on the season versus Number one Campbellsville undefeated will keep you posted on that one and congrats the Lawrence Birds Nick get Per six years after his last X games. He picked up gold in the ski slope style at the Games in Aspen, yesterday. 26 year old veteran of Perfect North has won four gold medals in his career at the Games. He's also a two time Olympic medalist, friend of the show was in studio a number of years back. Congrats to jury. Dirk er make nicknamed It's basketball court after the coaching legend who spent nearly 30 years that make Nick he topped over 500 wins in his coaching career, including Mueller and Claremont, North East and Props to Rosa level. She picked up her first regular season goal for Manchester City in the F A Women's Super League on yesterday. Busy weekend, All right, that leaves us here. Well, I say busy. Busy. I guess Unless you're the Reds, A frustrating weekend has come and gone. The Big Three free agents at shortstop. Or now all off the board. Marcus Simeon. Andrelton Simmons Now d D Gregorius. Have gone back and forth since the DD signing with the Phillies, and I'm not I'm I don't know if I'm in the minority or the majority. I'm not. And I wasn't last week worked up about D D Gregorius. I wasn't worked up leading into the weekend and not worked up about him going to the Philadelphia Phillies because two years at 30 Million DD does some things but he also doesn't do some things and 92 years of 30. When, really. Ideally, it would take a one year stopgap for the Reds at its okay with me, but there is frustration. I just can't figure out where to stop on my frustration. Meter of I've spent some time frustrated with the front office and the owner. I've spent some time frustrated with Major League baseball and the system as a whole absolute time frustrated with Cobain's impact on Major league baseball, I'm what I'm going to try to do tonight. Early on. I'm going to try to read the room. I'm curious at this stage the way this Red's off season is gone and the way their pursuit of a shortstop has unfolded. And to this point their off season to do list was improved the offense after a franchise worst to 12 batting average and upgrade the shortstop position. And that hasn't taken place. So I wonder where you would slot yourself on the scale of frustrated Too apathetic. I guess some could remain optimistic comes certainly not ruling that out In the reason I bring this up. I was struck by the number of people over the weekend who in some way, shape or form. Said To me, texted me, emailed me, tweeted me. Facebook posted me and said If they made in the right zip. They don't care about winning that. I'm done caring about this team voicing the frustration of last year, everything that happened. The return on the investment was two weeks, a good baseball and then no runs scored in the postseason. And now the Air quotes, reallocating of funds. I'm going to try to read the room when we continue on where you are related to what the Reds have done or have not done at this point in the bigger picture. What is now? Next. What's the next phase of the Reds? Pursuit of a shortstop? If there is a phase of the pursuit of a shortstop, five on 37491 7800, the big one and pounds 700 on a TNT will dig into that next. You create sports dog presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700 WLW. From the U. C. Health Traffic Center. You see health cardiology provides the region's most advanced heart care program visit you see health dot com slash hard for details..

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