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Four protesters are killed i know this videos like the one you're hearing from that day and because i know a guy named ibrahim abbas eat he was there one of the four guys who was killed was his friend i saw the blood i so they are how they they they lose them live and this is when the cycle starts repeating over and over across syria people protests the regime kills people people protest more more people get killed or detained and tortured in detention then guys like abraham and his friends venture ly get guns start fighting back and syrian uprising becomes a war so now ben rhodes early two thousand twelve he's working out of his office in the west wing the year before u s and nato launched airstrikes libya dictator muammar qaddafi was later killed and by two thousand twelve reporters keep asking what the administration is going to do about syria at that point it was reasonable for people believe that while these people went into libya so they'll probably going to syria but in libya ben says the very first military option was clear bomb gaddafi's troops were traveling on this one road to this one city to kill civilians in syria cheryl assad's forces were killing civilians all over like there was no obvious military plan to stop in syria it was never like a moment where it was like if you do x you will prevent why but there was one thing the administration was worried about in syria is odd and his regime we're sitting on top of a enormous stockpile of chemical weapons and benz as the biggest fear in the white house was that assad would use those chemical weapons or give them to hezballah this militant group that supported him then in the summer of two thousand twelve get report that their fear is about to become a reality assad is about to use or transfer those weapons and the administration decides they need to send a message what we ended up doing is number one we wrote in delivered warnings to the assad regime directly which was unusual we didn't usually communicate with them at that point to iran into russia essentially saying do not cross line you will be held accountable in some fashion for this they have obama go out and deliver a speech basically saying the same thing we will continue to make it clear outside and those around him that the world is watching and that they will be held accountable by the international community and the united states they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons and the language was carefully chosen to essentially mirror the private messages that we're sending those governments so they would know the us takes this very seriously but the plan was to keep the threat and big use like don't say what exactly the us would do then about a month later is doing a press conference tells me that you guys have been missing me chuck todd i think asked a question about chemical weapons use in military action in particular envision using military instantly nothing else say keeping become a weapon and this time the language is not carefully chosen obama kind of riffing we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground bad a red line for us is we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized that would change my calculus that would change my question and there was for the first time red line it's the same thing he told syria iran and russia in private but now it has a name and let's be clear at the time ben rhodes believed the us should have already intervened in syria to stop us chemical weapons are not and so to me it was a sense of of course we should do this but i did think though that we had essentially taken a public position that had not been carefully prepared and then in that same press conference obama repeats that's a red line for us and adds a threat of force there would be normal consequences if we start saying movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons that would that would change my calculations significantly thank you the press conference ends reporters really start honing in.

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