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You can't see your shadow. You may be able to look like this and see something of your shadow but for the most part show is hidden from us. So it's parts of us. We don't know about unconscious. Okay ed it doesn't mean they're not the other people can see. I was just gonna say so if you look at somebody else and you can see them and their shadow. We're seeing those two parts of them. Yes and if. I can pick stuff out of you that you can't see obviously right like a personality trade or or something. I feel like as a flaw pick it out of you i myself. I can't say yes and then the other thing is you can't tolerate that person is it. Gives you the creeps if you can't stand behind their presence that's a real clue the Part of you so it behooves us to learn about our shadow because if we can learn about it then we can use that in a productive manner. Together we can actually do it together and get to know real people instead of our projections. I'm recently last year. I did a webinar and it was online and it was ninety nine dollars a person. It took me six to eight months to complete it. it has six different modules. And it's how to go into your own shadow how to go how to recognize it. Our mother and our father complexes are repeating patterns in relationships how they occur why we fall in love with we fall in love with. It's very comprehensive has videos audience tdf's cartoons and it was ninety nine dollars. And i have decided this this past week to give away free so go to my website shadowed the dot com and up at the top right log in and get started on learning about your own shadow. I also have a a new youtube series. Starting i started yesterday ume and astrology one or one where. I'm going to explain some of the terminology because when you read you have very complicated. And there's a lot of terminology that people aren't aware of so i fought. I will explain it and stories and use astrology in it and just do ten twelve minute videos my website. My website is shattered dance dot com and my youtube channel is rebecca. I e i n a go for it. Well then is beautiful because so many of us hesitate when you know. Ninety nine.

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