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Keep they are so is that. They're keeping an extra set of lungs alive if They can keep an extra set of lungs live. Maybe we need to give these pigs a little more air. Maybe they need some pigs. Hey will are you sure? They have too much air. It sounds like they don't have any hair. Get in there, booking knows. Home you want to get rid of a body evidence you. Do the accent someone do the accent. But. I can't remember what he ashes. Hey that man. He's money wrong movie. Move, you think. You're not doing that I. Tell You doppler body in the mash now. That doesn't apply to the pigs. Yeah, no! Incident she feeds them to the. Next! I don't understand this question. What is the seven eleven slurpee capital of the world? I would say -Fornia Baltimore. Why what makes what makes you? The seven eleven slurpee capital I thought. That's where the seven. Seven elevens of look it up. I where the first seven eleven was. That would be you know I assume this is like most people drink slurpy. That's turns out it's in. Winnipeg. Did you try to catch that thought there because I forgot if I was on radio report. Winnipeg Joe's Winnipeg asked me. What was the end of my parents straightened? Plum borough school there sucked sucked down slurpy for ninety nine years in a row. The city's franchise store sell about one hundred ninety thousand surpise a month. The peg, you know. We got something to cheer, but I haven't had a slurpee. College, slurpee and longtime. He has missing I love that I had that slurpee in California because I was there on July eleventh, which was. Day The red do mix you just down straight talk. Re Mix red and blue wants, and I was like I don't like. Coke and blue. Got Dallas Texas. I just Winnipeg. You probably looked up icy your slushy, didn't you? I like seventy. Years the world's first. Dallas Texas also that was, so that was connors argument was where it started, but This is where where. Has Served Yeah. What are the most slurpy? Per capita so Texas is the per capita GDP the home. Is the capital of slurpee though. Winnipeg. Discrepancies I see what's the United States Washington DC where was founded springfield? Plymouth so. There's your. Son of a bitch. Fuck you. What would you say is the perfect video game character that would, you would change nothing about outer. The jacket. That's perfect, close fire. INDESTRUCTIBLE INDESTRUCTIBLE SONIC SONIC. Crash bandicoot crashes also perfect master chief young. Dies? Dude. Moncton Laura Carlson her game. I. Think, that I had to computer video games growing up it was that and I could never get out of the cave in the first level, so that game fuck, it sucks. That was like fucking Sin Salmon. Yeah Salmon Excuse, me, that's. On that is a video game, right? Isn't that surely Miss Metro right there? It is I couldn't get past like the second level housing. Okay, puck this game and then the. Game had was the robot where you walked in like a plane open field, an enemy robots came up to. You need to shoot at them now. Not Terminator Kamien. Street you were like. A British one of those robots from the alien blue movie. ooh! Avatar. The. The road that they walk around and that's what it was like. No can't just any more. It was basically titanfall before Titan can say it sounds like Titan. I mean Morio Mario Legit. Throngs you. It's not Mario. Let me, guy propped up Italian people in the world's eyes and. They also made him to foot tall to you. People know they made Luigi well. They I mean Mario could have been like normal talion guy like five eight, five nine. Maybe paper Luigi could've been sixty. Two at Max. He's banging impeach. It's all relative. Yeah, after eighteen years of trying to get her out of a castle. Goddamn hero. His son, a Mario is four one. But. How Tall Sorry Sorry Mario is! Three eight? Yeah, but thrills says who video game and then you go to the giant. I mean now tend to dot com, the overgrown in their these running stay the next time. I just don't like being cut them weeds morio world being disparaged. Next. Which? Looks for short? Kloner. You who said this, but just listening to the latest episode and hurt? Connor yes draw. Force hotel. BRASCO VERDICT CAL in Milan Italy although it is a residential building, not a hotel. The name what translates translates have vertical force I would love to. How awesome are those things awesome I? Mean you have trees on every balcony? Think about? Bird ship boys those staff. Saying he doesn't have ferns. Really Miss Bird. I don't remember seeing any when I was the exactly. What I'm talking about because they know that. I didn't actually. I actually I would love to know the bird population of Italy now. Even a Tucson Sam. Sampson the jungle. How, many birds in it's. One flown in seventeen. Zero a bunch of Turkeys. Zeroed no way. Zero right here, so says it right here. Next Abigail. This was funny. Some dude commented okay. Don't get entangled on Wilson I. G and we'll actually had a good response, he said. Okay I can minute. That's funny. I'm definitely going to block you though, but the joke's funny. Post I don't. He was like dancing. Dancing. On don't get. Yourself. Yeah, I mean will. Smith's just been getting downtown. Comment sections. To Sit. Next tried to take charge every once in a while. Oh Gee fucking punch this..

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