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News continues on this eleven day of December six minutes past the hour and LSU quarterback Joe burrow Oklahoma quarterback Jilin hurts and Ohio state teammates that quarterback Justin fields and defensive end chase young all headed to New York this weekend as finalists for the Heisman Trophy our sports guy A. F. and don quickie has a say in that vote we will talk to don cranky about the Heisman finalists this hour here on America's first news I would evil for the first data in your news at this morning the house Judiciary Committee is expected to debate and vote on the two articles of impeachment later this week they charge president trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress the vote would send that impeachment article to the house floor that would that you'd see a vote there by Christmas next would be the Senate trial likely in twenty twenty now if the Senate approves an article of impeachment with a two thirds majority the president would be convicted and removed if articles are rejected the president is acquitted you have to remember president trump has still I still has strong a Republican Senate support president trump again mocking F. B. I. attorney Lisa page for her tax with a nother FBI official that weren't covered in special counsel Robert Muller is pro the president bringing it up hours after page sued the justice department F. B. I. for privacy violations around the leaking of our tax a page said that only about a quarter of the messages the department of justice released for political in nature she said others included highly sensitive information including medical records financial transactions personnel actions and even private conversations a president trump brought it up again last night at his rally in Pennsylvania house Democrats have agreed to a revamped north American trade deal after prying some concessions including beefed up protections for workers democratic congressman Richard kneeling knowledge and the difficulty in negotiations with the the trade adviser but this is more than a triumph for organized labor it's a triumph for workers everywhere across America in terms of the working group members I want to say that they strengthen the labor standards the strength of the environmental chapters they enhance the verification mechanisms for environmental trade without flinching leadership of the speaker we also secured important changes in US MCA to preserve Congress's ability to change US law to address the crisis we are facing with respect to high prescription drug prices these were intense argumentative angry negotiations I mean this got really hot on a number of occasions I think we set a world record for hanging up on each other myself in the trade rep and a but at the same time we also knew that this was an opportunity that we couldn't let get away from us the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wasn't happy it didn't go far enough Republican allies error he said they gave up too much Republican allies of the president they say Democrats in the house speaker held out on that to U. S. MC a deal because of impeachment is vice president Mike pence we renegotiated the north American free trade agreement into the U. S. M. C. Hey it's the largest trade deal in American history and I'm proud to say that today thanks to the strong leadership of president Donald Trump and the efforts by our administration over the last year speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally agreed to take a vote.

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