Kelly Clarkson, Bill Cosby And Rape discussed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!


John. Legend and Kelly Clarkson received mixed reviews this week for their new updated lyrics to what classic Christmas Song Baby. It's not warm outside. That's the one baby. It's cold outside the classic version. That of course is one of our most jazzy and date rape holiday classics problematic. So legend gave it new lyrics. The new version of the song is no longer about a pussy brute insisting his lady drink something mixed up over there by bill cosby. That's the most problematic part of this really ask but now it's about a young man respectfully calling his date an uber. This is true when Clarkson things I've got to go way instead of singing baby. It's cold outside legend. Urgent Things I can call you a ride really nice. But it's an Uber Pool. So it's still kind of squeezing so I mean people are saying okay. The song was maybe problematic product of its time. But you've gone a little bit too. Far for example all to

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