Brazil's former President Lula released from prison


Former president Louis Lula da Silva has has been released on one of the first things he did was to address thousands of his jubilant supporters. The Metalworkers Union in Sao Paulo Monaco's Latin American affairs is correspondent leasing. The Elliott was there and I'm delighted to say. She joins us on the line. Now Welcome back to monocle twenty four. Listen what were things like on Saturday. When Lula appeared appeared was I stay really sort of marked a move really away from Lulu the political prisoner Emerton Lou? The politician thousands of people as you say gathered outside right the union where his political career really took off back in the one thousand nine hundred and they were there to hear his public address and it was a carnival of sorts with live music coming home really that that contrasted hugely to the very somber mood last time. The Workers Party supporters met at the site in April of last year when Luder actually handed ended himself into the authorities and went to prison. We stayed until fairly late. And there was a brief moment where he sort of popped his head out of the Union Wendo to say good night but it was certainly one of if one of celebration on Saturday and also there is a sense that this is a political breakthrough because yes he has been imprisoned and no he. The corruption charges have not been dropped and no he can't run for public office but this is him positioning himself back in the political limelight. Isn't it yet. He certainly and he reiterated his political ambitions of the weekend naturally said that the left can take back reveals presidency in the twenty twenty two election. Technically yes he's barred from running running for public office because of the conviction because of the charges against him but there were talks actually of a national tour in coming weeks or months where he set to meet with constituents truants. I mean there haven't been further details about that whether he actually manages to eventually become a candidate again. What is clear he seems to be trying to? Galvanize is in reinvigorate the left in Brazil because up until now there's been a distinct lack the plausible opposition figure to Bolsonaro since he took office a little over eleven months months ago and unloader appears to want to be just that. Do you think he will be able to be plausible political figure given the fact that he has got such a backstory that no one can forget get I mean for his detractors. Lulu still remains a highly controversial figure and is blamed for fostering a culture of corruption in Brazil and should be kept opt in prison. I mean I remember. When he was jailed back in April last year there were fireworks going off in parts of the country and celebration and also on Saturday? Although it wasn't as widely reported did but pro Bolsonaro groups really came together in the city of some Paolo in supported. The president's and to many of the millions voted for Bolsonaro in the last election. Lueders release piece is is a reminder of exactly why they did and there have been talks among political analysts early this morning that say that maybe it's not the best moves by the Workers Party to out him. At Center stage we see how in Argentina recently by putting polarizing but nevertheless still powerful figure Christina kitchener further in the background. You know she ran as vice president. That really paid off and she liked. Lula had a string of corruption related charges against her But being in the backseat so so yes. This is still very much up for debate at a whether it would be a a move sorts. Tell us a little bit more about what his the next move can possibly given the fact that he's barred from standing for office but nonetheless is not barred from speaking in public exactly so the charges haven't been dropped against against him what's changed. Since Thursday's Supreme Court ruling is that he can appeal but as a free man and very publicly before he had to exhaust. The appeals process from jail and this is also applied to thousands of other inmates here in Brazil his conviction relating to the beach side apartment stands and his lawyers said the over the coming weeks immediately. They're going to continue to appeal because he was serving this for eight years and ten months for corruption and money laundering and still faces a half a half dozen corruption. Trials luda still whoa denies all the charges and he's urging that they're politically motivated in order to keep him out of the presidential election and but for the moment you know the the main thing is that he's out in public. Listen to relate. Thank you very much indeed for joining his own monocle twenty four. Let's get more on this now. From Ovarian Fernando Pacheco Echo Fernando is native of Sao Paulo and was back home visiting his family over the weekend. In fact just off the plane hunting your finances so welcome to the studio. Just tell us a little bit more about what it it was like to be in Sao Paulo in your hometown and see Lula back in the headlines again. First of all he was such a surprise. I was not predicting This decision decision by the Supreme Court and when it was announced of course it was big news in Brazil it was on tv all the time. I had to cancel my evening plans because as a good journalist even on holiday today I was I mean He Luli such one of the most important political figures in Brazil ever in a way and as listened to say he's quite divisive You either loving or hating. It's very difficult to not have an opinion about Lula in a way and interesting. Because you know I'm from some Paolo which is actually political conservative states especially in recent years so perhaps I got a different vibe. I'm sure Lula has many supporters in the northeast. But where I was in symbolic impala could fuel a lot of people actually attacking the Supreme Court For our the ruling can be felt in the streets got it because I mean Brazil has never been Brazilians. Excellent never been backwards in coming forward and expressing their political opinion in the streets but Your mum is from Sao Paulo and she's a therapist isn't she says she's gentle lovely lovely soul anyone who's been lucky enough to meet Fernandez. Mother will have their life slightly enrich via. But you get but even she has been subject to political Michael victimization. Doesn't she's by simply going on. Line trolling is rife absolutely me Shirota. Something like democracy or on her social media and and so leaving among her group of friends people were attacking and some people start even swearing. I mean she even decided to delete that and it is true Even in Brazil some point I was covering the election eighteen. I kind of I felt kind of a some sort of fear when I was in the cab. If I wanted to express my political opinion lenient because people. They're very heated. They will call you names. I mean I'm not saying everyone does that but it is very heated moment In Brazil the moment dis. I think that the release of Leila a man who's who so intrinsically linked with Brazil's past and with all the corruption that goes was with it is the right person to change the political game in Brazil given the fact that Bolsonaro in many ways is an open goal given how deeply deeply unpopular he is with certain areas of society. This is so hard ammo because let's not forget. Lula is a fantastic reiter. I mean when he spoke when he was released released. I mean it was like Oh my God finally have a challenger to both scenario but I agree with you this is a man also who hated by many Brazilians and a person that that is hated by almost half of the population. I think it's quite hard for him to be kind of become president again for example. We don't have leaders Such such as Lulu or even a bolt sonar. We don't see a new generation coming up at least at the moment so it's going to be very hard and aggressive in check. I thank you very much indeed for joining me in the

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