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Been used used for countless purposes over the last few centuries one specific resident stands out above all the others. It was in this room. You see that Henry. The eighth eighths only male heir was born to his true love Jane Seymour and it was there just two weeks later. That she passed away Oh the old home located on Berkeley Square is a town house. Just one of many in a long row of similar facades but as far back as the mid nineteenth century it was different enough to stand out from all the others but before I continue with the legends. Let me be clear that not a lot is known about the House's origins and a lot out of stories have yet to be completely verified. Still we know enough to make this journey worth taking so let's get started. The majority Jordy of details begin with the man who owned the House. Back in the eighteen. Sixties Thomas Maier wasn't the first to live there but he was certainly the most infamous. It said that he had wants been engaged to be married but fiance eventually changed her mind and ended their relationship broken and distraught. He retreated into his house and was rarely rarely ever seen again.

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