Whitney Cummings on Thriving in Chaos


Please. Please welcome dear friend. Whitney Cummings such a pleasure to be here. I'm filming you. Wow started doing the queue line you just this gave me. I'm we're so happy to have you thank you. It's an honor and a privilege so to Daniel's point about when you were running those three shows. What was your mental running two broke girls well co-creator yes so you were still a decision maker. That's right by Michael Patrick King. I always say I don't know the comeback. I'm back so he's into only someone amazing that would stop before sections that we would use to have what we would watch the comeback at my house you were there the night that he came in answering the question why it's not often that you have like a casual night to watch the show and then comes in and takes question we asked her. I wouldn't have lost Mike. Everyone was out now. Excuse me how did you come up with that tracksuit because we used to have the comeback viewing parties at my house show. I've always been Mallard. Did you feel Paul then because I have had this experience a bit but it so like a magical thing that you kind of loved his show as a fan to make that leap into like now I'm working with US I and now we've created something together. Events Been Success and change both our live surreal and insane and weird. I mean I had this interesting and to your point about while. Oh that was happening. I hadn't really talked about this wall. This was happening. I was having a lot of tragedy in my personal life and I think that that may be cosmic or God. I don't know what everyone believes believes. It doesn't matter but whatever the hell like both my parents had strokes. I've family members going to Rehab like my dad passed. It was like all this stuff happened. That just kind of made me not think about it too much is that I can't strap on autopilot. It was kind of liberating is like who gives a shit. I'm like picking out caskets. I it was just like you know for. I don't you know blessing. Curse whatever it is. They all have been simultaneously so I wasn't really able to get into the thing of all of them didn't seem to be sweating during that time. I was so impressed because she's got three fucking shows. She's Ah I was just like an you. Were not breaking a sweat really just wet again from an outside. Oh Gosh I feel like I was crumbling but adrenaline I mean again. I think it's like I'm used to chaos like I grew up in chaos. I have on it through arrive on yeah so pressure chaos adrenaline cortisol. I'm like let's go. I know for me when things get quiet. If there's a night where it's like I don't really have anything to do. I'm like I'm a failure and there's no noise around me. There's no I oh I just literally had. I'd like my first night off in probably four like literally four years because I did a book and then I did Roseanne which was a walk in the park. Yeah sounds like it was real yeah yeah and then the tour and the special on the this thing and I had one night off and we're sitting there having dinner and I I just like to my fiance and it was so calm and tranquil and I was like we've got mold in that. We have to rip out all the walls. I had to like CR- found family off like I can just sit.

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