Gilroy High School Football Team Under Investigation After Assault Allegations


The gill were a high school football team is at the center of a possible assault investigation your police are not releasing a lot of details but they say the alleged assault involved the football team and it allegedly occurred on campus before the team took the field last Friday night Conor o'brien a student gallery high tells KPIX five he's heard several players were rough housing with one teammate and may have taken it too far but I mean any yet he does have a point you know what I mean like if you didn't like it and then they shouldn't shouldn't have done it but I don't think you should a gun the police involved or anything like that a Brian says the players involved were suspended and told they couldn't play on the team Gil were unified school district superintendent Deborah Flores tells KPIX five it's investigating as well and insist the players have been disciplined the team's next game is on

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