All About the new 'Jurassic World' short film 'Battle at Big Rock'


New story that I want to talk about as well which which is a PC guy saying this tomorrow night during these et Jurassic world short film Jomie model at Big Rock which I thought was pretty pretty cool but I don't WanNa hear you guys talk about it. Instead of wanting to hear the guy he made it talk about it. Will you please welcome drastic world and the upcoming world three three and indeed the director all the big. Please welcome ah the I just want to thank all of you. I brought my children tonight so thank thank you for introducing them to many new words. I'm so sorry so many questions to answer wants dinner so yes colon thanks to lay down man for everything you were born so listen this short film by the big rock very very exciting. What can you say about what's what happened is so the universal came to us and asked if I wanted to make a short film with their money and I said yes definitely we can put dinosaurs in it and we'll do it and so we're not enough if any last film at the very end we really just change the franchise? Even is as we said all these dinosaurs loose in the world and so it led us a just think about what that really means and take a bit of a step away from our weaponized dinosaurs hybrids and all these things that we've been doing in these in these movies and really just go back to basics and and make a short film about a family campground who just like anyone who's been camping. Sometimes you see a bear going through your garbage and we replaced that with an ceratops yeah. We we go from there because I I've seen a little short films in my life almost every single one of them stand to have a dinosaur and it's you're not the besmirch short films but this is the dream just take a dinosaur and then you're good we list of films that I think what would have been even more amazed ashamed with films that I want to have a dinosaur in them. All Jess I found that amazing movie with Robert Redford all his lawsuit aw I remember watching it incredible movie and I was so ashamed that about two thirds of the way through there could be a Muslim source would be okay with that. I would be alright Robert Redford versus versus the Mosasaurus all along the money would be the most horse tough you never know he's very resourceful so when this we shot in Ireland in January January of last year and we managed to keep it a secret the Irish keep secret added stars Andre Holland who many US probably seen in castle rock if that's out here in Selma is incredible actor Natalie Martinez who is an end of watch and his amazing amazing actress and these two kids that no one's ever seen before who I love so much it was it was like shooting in movie we had five days and we all had to get together with this pretty. Small Irish crew one set and find a way to do something pretty pretty challenging in a short period of time with not same resources that we're used to and everyone was down at the buffet every morning which there's an excellent buffet at this point this out at this hotel in Ireland that we're we're all in this sweet little girl who was in the in the short had never been in anything before and we asked her you know she her mom called and said Bull. I oh I get I get get first class tickets to come out because you're guaranteed a first class taking per guild rules but she really wants her whole family there. Is there anything you can do and I was like well what I do with my my family is usually we'll just we won't take the first class and we'll fly. Everybody and you can fly business if you do that and so she said great and so this van pulls up and just one one after another ten people baby and grandma everybody get out of the van and they were Swedish. There was amazing BEC- it coat from winter in Philadelphia incredible but I'd love to this is happening. Do you think this might spark a trend. Is this something that you would have loved to done and for the first Jurassic World Yeah it is the result of a you know I think it's because our we don't make three movies a year in our franchise and and and we don't even make one movie a year and we're we're a little more old school and that we every three years and we ask people to come and see a dinosaur movie and so it to be able to have something in the middle because the story that we're about to tell in the next film is so different and so large in scope that it was. I just really wanted to do something that was that was just very intimate and small. There are dinosaurs in it but it's a small intimate dinosaur fight. What can you say about where you are with the next Jurassic World World we are? I live here in England and I've been here for three years and we have our our offices out at studios and we've got everyone. They're carving being dinosaurs out of of clay. I can announce here that I have. If any do saw the dark crystal on Netflix John Nolan who did all the animatronic Dr Crystal is going to do our animatronic for us and so he's bringing starting to actually build things in his workshop and seeing what he's able to do with is Enjoin Movement and he's really innovating a really exciting way speaking emphasis on animatronic again there are large and small and we actually have an animatronic in in battle a big rock that was done by legacy by the guys who you know Stan Winston's group before they all have carried on that tradition so we had this the massive allosaurus in Ireland and so everybody was my wife actually took a video of it that I'm sure I'll I'll tweet at some point because there's so much so much fun and energy behind it and that we finally we had this this massive thing that was sticking its head in and out of this camper van spoilers spoiler now but people and and it just this whole crew was actually watching this thing go down and you really feel like you're you're. You're in Jurassic Park when these things really get going and we play music and we play roars really loud so there's there's no element that isn't you know firing on all all cylinders and it's pretty exciting. Everyone applauded and we we felt like we were there. Outside of course in

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