Patriots drop Antonio Brown after accusations of sexual misconduct


Is Antonio brown has the latest chapter two weeks after signing in the patriots have released the wide receiver brown has been accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer Britney Taylor according to a civil lawsuit filed September tenth Taylor met with the NFL on September sixteenth and there are more interviews being conducted beyond tailored remains unclear when or if brown will interview with the league this was bill bell check before the pats cut ties with brown and may give you an indication of his threshold with all the A. B. drama in terms of what was to come how important is because you're off the field everything is important. bill do you expect to have Antonio available to you on something. he's on a roster number headline today focusing on Antonio brown is there any of this at all affect the status with the team. I think I've already addressed so we're gonna. get ready for the jets here have answering football questions the rest of it I'm not going down with the rest of it. zero point were some awful stuff is not so much yeah. that's yeah I'm good okay thank you well it will. game set match right there right in addition to the lawsuit brown faces another allegation of sexual misconduct by a female orders who was working at is western Pennsylvania home in twenty seventeen that allegation was part of a Sports Illustrated report that detailed domestic incidents involving brown a charity auction theft in multiple unpaid debts on Thursday the lawyer for the artist reach out to the NFL after brown apparently sent a what were described as threatening text messages to her clients according to ESPN's Mike Rees brown's text messages to the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct were viewed by some in the organization who have crossed the line is lawyers called the messages which included a picture of her children intimidating a source telling E. S. P. N. of those are brought those messages were the final straw ESPN NFL nation patch reporter Mike Reiss NFL insider Adam Schefter on why the decision was made and why now so here's the latest here from team headquarters obviously a decision like this doesn't come without high level discussions and when we talk about high level discussions with the patriots you're obviously going right to the top with the owner Robert Kraft and head coach bill Belichick in this decision was described to me as one that they came to together and that they're aligned with then obviously you know bringing Antonio brown to the patriots initially was something that was a decision that wasn't easy to come to for the patriots given their history with players and domestic violence and sexual assault and so this was a sensitive situation from the get go and today it reached a critical mass and it was described to me that the statement the team released was short and sweet for a reason because they're gonna let their actions do the talking and they're not going to get into a deep explanation as to why this decision came today if the New England Patriots knew that was coming do you think that they would have gone ahead and signs Antonio brown. no so we start off the relationship. on a bad foot and then. it was created obviously documented that incident last night with your latest. text and harassment of another one of Antonio grounds accusers and when you have that added to the pot it makes it even more toxic. and again I emphasize that there were people I think are apprehensive about bringing a report from the beginning when they found out about this it made it more difficult and there were as Mike we should look at you high level discussions throughout the course of the day to day about what the show aired in shouldn't do. and ultimately I think it became very clear that it was watching the press conference with bill Belichick today it dawned on me. you have a true no team that is not allowed to touch down all season. they're about to put the jets and go to free you know. they are poised to make more and it'll history an old bill Belichick or discuss the double check her doctor later press conference as you should be by the way. was Antonio brown questions. you could see that he just said okay I'm done. that was not going away anytime soon and by the way it is been that way since the sun Antonio brown yeah the text messages were significant in that they were sent while brown was a member of the patriots Louis Riddick on SportsCenter and if this is the end of four a B. I can't really say because we've seen time and again. always becoming numbered with become drawn to and attracted to be transcended. Paul talent Paul Dougherty and what he can do for your football team is the entrance of the something that we become too loose that's become afraid to become too loose within used to much conflict and Antonio case it's truly is he is a one of a kind type of player it will make all the ground is. that type of town and I don't know if the people in the last of the I don't know people will justify taking another chance on him provided that he take the necessary steps to kind of life you get his life back on track off the field and I don't know what that looks like I don't know what those kinds of you know this kind of action would actually look like in order to appease games and make them feel comfortable taking a chance on I don't know but I wouldn't doubt it I wouldn't doubt that someone is looking for reasons to try and go ahead and say we could still use that player on the football field we can still use what he breaks I wouldn't put it past a TV to do that I mean at this point in time there's been so much history here that says that he really needs to really reset if you really feel like they need to be some kind of like major intervention with him to get him back on the right right Pat but. you know I I can't speak for every team because every time you know you make some kind of absolute statement about the end of this for a career or this player is hit the wall going downhill. any how it always comes back to bite you in there and in this situation when you talk about a player's individual behavior off the field in particular when you don't wear with none of us really know how players really act off the field if you think that you do then you're kidding yourself I don't know will keen on a brown should be in the league regardless of team the New England Patriots have released Antonio brown this was never going to work it was never going to last when the patriots signed Antonio brown I said he would not be a pager by the end of the season I said several times throughout this process the Tigers do not change their stripes and I think that has proved true once again it is the accumulation of Antonio brown's actions in character. they have proven too much for professional football this is not a person who can be trusted this is not a person making wise decisions it is not a person exhibiting. quality character it's not a person should be in professional football not now so again prior to the text messages all the issues surrounding brown were from before he signed with the patriots September night the four time Pro Bowl selection has denied all allegations brown practice with a patch early on Friday putting his thanks to the organization the patriots sent out the following statement we appreciate the hard work of many people over the past eleven days but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at

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