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I'm becky quick. I'm Andrew Ross Sorkin. I'm Joe Kernan and you're listening. The SQUAWK pod ends great. Thanks now what they're going to get a high. You can't use squawk box the most powerful business show on the planet and now it's a podcast. PR TO CBC control to bring in show musically coming the becky and three this is squawk pod brought to you by the team behind squawk box. I'm CNBC producer. Katie Kramer daily are anchors producers and crew will bring are you the best stories debate and analysis from the biggest names and business and politics joining us right now is Berkshire hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett and J. P. Morgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Amy Diamond joining us by the company CEO Ginny Rometty joining us on the IPO Day Uber Dark House for shy. We are joined this morning by Melinda Gates. Mr President are are you with us. I am with you. Jill great to have you on. Thank you doing Joe Becky Andrew as they discussed the moments that matter setting the agenda for the Business Day Joe Kernan have been here forever. I am one of the CO anchors of squawk box which has evolved into. I think the best thing on TV at least in the morning maybe all day long. I'm becky quick and I've been with squawk box for fifteen years. I've been working with Joe that whole time been sitting next to Andrew for almost eight years at this point for me. squawk box is breakfast with most interesting people in the world. These are the people who are coming up with the next ideas in business the next ideas and finance next ideas and how we should be running this country. It's a privilege to get to talk to them every day. It's more entertaining than any other morning show but you actually might get some useful information. Squad cod is everything everything. TV viewers expect more three hour morning. Show plus behind the scenes content from the production team curated in a thirty minute podcast. Hey Andrew it's Katy. Can you hear me how are are you good morning. DC yet my name is MAG. I'm the tech this is Angela Syndrome. I am the production system for Squawk box and we're just about to get our next guest onset. Is it a two way conversation. Power Pauses on podcast workout. Pregnant Policies Work Related Andrew. It'd be much better at this much more tech savvy craziest show in the world now you get it in your ears to get the smartest takes and analysis from our TV show in your podcast feed every day subscribed squawk pot apple podcasts spotify stitcher or your favorite podcast APP follow us on twitter at squawk. CNBC and start listening. We are clear thanks guys. I'm David favor join me crawl into me a and Jim Cramer for the opening bell our of C._N._B._C. squawk on the street the podcast subscribe for free wherever you listen and you can always catch us live weekdays at Nine A._M. Eastern C._N._B._C.

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