News in Brief 4 October, 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations authorities in Iraq have been urged by the UN human rights office. Oh CHR to allow citizens ends to exercise their rights to freedom of expression after the security forces opened fire on mass anti-government protests which began earlier this week reports indicate that up to thirty people have been killed in demonstrations across the country though oh CHR said the number has not been verified hundreds more were reportedly injured injured including members of the security forces while dozens of demonstrators were detained most of whom subsequently were released skulls of Iraqis mostly youth youth have taken to the streets as since Tuesday to demand economic reforms jobs and reliable basic public services such as Trinity and water as well as an end to corruption waves of demonstrations have also taken place in Hong Kong Haiti and Ecuador in recent days and the UN chief Antonio Guitarfish said on Friday today that the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly has to be respected a thousand people have survived the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo ago a testament to the strong leadership of the Congolese authorities combined with the tightest efforts of thousands of local health workers and partners United Nations agencies she said on Friday the outbreak began in August two thousand eighteen and is the largest and longest running that DC has experienced with more than three thousand cases faces and two thousand one hundred thirty seven deaths the latest figures from the World Health Organization on Friday for the week ending first of October showed twenty twenty new confirmed cases reported in North Kivu and Ituri provinces versus twenty nine in the previous week. The agency said this decrease should be interpreted with caution as operational and security challenges in certain health stones make it difficult to undertake case detection and response functions and scientific experts gathering during the fifteenth meeting. All of the Pollutants Review Committee popsy off fifteen in Stockholm have advised the elimination of a group of hazardous chemicals locals in a bid to protect human health and the environment a group of more than one hundred scientists flanked compounds commonly found in carpets leather goods and clothing which which assurance I have detrimental effects on the human nervous system brain development and other organs to additional chemicals satisfy criteria set out in the Stockholm Dot Com Convention on persistent organic pollutants or pops namely the toxic to both humans and wildlife persist over long periods of time and can it'd be transported over long distances fire or water persistent exposure to these pollutants has been linked to certain cancers birth defects dysfunctional Channel Immune and reproductive systems and susceptibility to diseases a follow up twenty twenty meeting will further review the impacts of the hazardous chemicals which would lead to Action Russian towards their elimination or reduction in production and use conor Lennon U._N. News.

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