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Other end and ask you three questions about the song baby shark very popular with toddlers and the Washington national anthem two to three questions about the song taken from a history of it put together by vulture and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners the voice of anyone on our show they might like bill who is Renee Fleming playing for neck Jose Kept Minneapolis Minnesota all right ready to yeah all right here's your first question. The origin of the Song Baby Shark is actually lost and the people think might have started decades ago as a campfire song now the first version of the song everyday put up on Youtube more than a decade ago is different from the verse in that our kids have all been singing for the last year how what is the difference hey instead of sharks it's about a family of heels be the sharks the song hunt and dismember swimmer see instead of its don't don't don't don't don't you really think it's b w how all right I gotta go with them speed there right they've heard the second question another there's another version on there are lots of versions of the song Oh another one that was recorded back in two thousand seven achieved a particular honor what was it a it became the number one song Long in Germany be it was the first song ever to be officially banned by the Catholic Church or see it was played S. punishment to prisoners at Gitmo. Okay I think I'm GonNa go with a you're GONNA go with the number one song Germany you must have been to Germany because you're right law let us here I never win being let us let us here if you will be number one dance it in Germany in two thousand seven bay decide Tuck did get a need a bigger dancefloor it's fun catchy knocked I'm assuming it knocked David Hasselhoff the number one shot worm one more chance for jail now everybody talks jokes about how credibly annoying it is to have baby Shaq on all the time but it has done some good in the world is it a ten percent of the proceeds from the song go to a charity which buys the fires for actual baby sharks be a woman performed CPR on someone to the beat of baby shark and saved their life or see song his so improved sharks image that people are now swimming in shark infested waters resulting in more food for sharks I'm GonNa say it's gotTa be be be be women firm CPR you're exactly right the

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