Kurdish-led authority in north Syria calls for general mobilization, urges residents to resist imminent Turkish attack


Let's turn overseas if you know the area and I know you know the area this moment was Turkish forces poised to head into Syria across the border puts a lump in your throat I want into the conversation this from David Ignatius of the Washington Post a bad situation in northeast Syria about to get much worse sources tell me that US officials excuse me I've just informed the Syrian Kurds that Turkey is likely to attack on air and ground in next twenty four hours the US will do nothing so told that Kurdish appears coordinated with the Russians russian-backed forces are mobilizing to invade the Kurdish area from the south both Turkish I'm sorry the Kurdish area from the South I got the Turkish attack wrong at the start of that graph it's a lot molly told our viewers what they need to know well there are serious implications to this clearly for the conflict in Syria that has been ongoing hasn't gotten much attention in the US because it's been somewhat of a stalemate there will be clear and likely devastating consequences for the Kurds that have been such a key US ally particularly in the fight against the Islamic state in Syria and in Iraq as well they're very important to president of Turkey To push the Kurds away from the border it's clearly very important for the Russians to meet some sort of maintain some sort of influence in that situation so there are very real consequences is there could be serious destabilization of the region it's been suggested by analysts who are concerned this could actually heralds the resurgence of Isis When there had been excess clearly at defeating Isis and routing it in the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria but they're so they're very real consequences but it's interesting as Peter said to connect it in a way with the context of the impeachment there's also concern that as the president feels increasingly embattled and as adversaries they'll feel increasingly emboldened to perhaps take advantage of the situation and I think that's what we saw at least with the White House and schol characterization on Sunday it effectively was well the president spoke to President Erdo on the Turkish President and we've decided to step aside and let them move forward with this offensive now in the last couple days that's been walked back but clearly the Turks if they're about to cross the border tonight they're not exactly heating the president's warnings that have been issued since then so that sort of a contextual concern to the impeachment inquiry as well what else is happening in national security and Foreign Policy when all is aren't

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