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Going to be a podcast her everyone laughed at me well no one's laughing now and Stewart and this is the host who always has negative thoughts Jacob joker a movie that I could not believe have the height around it that it did I can't recall the last time a superhero film was Ben so polarizing I mean people worried about shootings in theaters people saying Joaquin deserves an Oscar yeah it was all over the place coming out of Toronto Oh this is going to be the film of the year it's going to get all the Oscars and then Todd Phillips director opens his mouth and got a lot of backlash for what he thought we're comedy was these days yet all the place with this film that said I got to say this one took me by surprise I assumed that DC was in free fall. I mean we have all commented on how their output has been inconsistent can we all agree at best putting it nicely right that they have not had the scene unless nece that the Marvel Universe has been able to bestow on all of their works when I heard they were doing a one off joker movie I was like that sounds like a bad idea story are you getting those marvel paycheck saying they're in free fall I mean wonder woman made one of a billion dollars off man made a billion dollars what kind of free was that will somebody say well I don't care what the hardcore people think the truth of the matter is a lot of their movies have stone DOC and they've not consistent the fact that we have a one of joker movie this joker that we're told will never appear with Batman what the hell are they doing marvel would never do that is what I guess I would say sure but I don't mind that like what is the best spider man film Spiderman entered the spider verse like that is not connection to the m. c. you or what Sony is doing with Tom Allen's spider manoeuvres etta any of that so I don't mind a one off if you can just pull off a good movie I don't care if it's in any kind of continuity villain standalone movies making a Superhero movie without a superhero has not been something I've thought has worked before I mean Holly Aries cat-woman Tom Hardy thinom they could never figure out how to do sinister of six I mean you could even probably throw the Star Wars prequels into that concept having the super villain story told without a counterpoint of heroism where's our entry point who are we supposed to be with and what are they going to accomplish the you mentioned marvel I think that DC here is taking a cue from Marvel's newest acquisition Fox Todd Phillips talked about how it took a lot of convincing at Warner Brothers to let him do an R. rated joker movie but that was the only thing he was pitching and he's literally hearing responses from Warner brothers like we sell joker pajamas at target what are you going to do to our character that might hurt Pyjama sales and look at the roads that deadpool paved and I think even more specifically logan going more dramatic and being R. rated you can't beat marveled by playing Marvin those game the way you beat marvelous by making your own Fox did that and nobody is even see new mutants because nobody knows what to do with it again the X. Men horror movie yeah they've experimented sometimes those experiments have been successful I'm just saying approaching this project hearing the we're going to do a one off film about the region of joker seemed like a waste of time I was not excited about this movie at all until I saw the trailer Yeah Al admit I mean after seeing what happened to jared Leto in jokers role in suicide squad. We'll see at that movie he doesn't think he was in that movie enough he's got a scene it was not overly excited to see what they would do with joker now what I will say is somewhere at this very moment jared Leto has pissed Yeah Joaquin Phoenix get attached this because that's what I would have gotten excited you know he's one of those actors like Tom Hardy who's like a Nicholas cage who is just going to make some decisions and go with them they could be czar. They could be captivating like that trailer yeah they really tapped into Martin Scorsese in that taxi driver field but I was even more excited about Joaquin Phoenix playing this role and should be pointed out he is the man that would be doctor strange he has quartered comic book movies before and walked away saying this is not really for me why do this one he was also offered the role of Bruce Banner the reason he didn't do them he didn't WanNa sign multi picture contracts he didn't want to do what Chris Evans and Robert Downey junior did where the next seven years of your life you're working basically as a day player for marvel here it's a one picture deal and the ways they got him on board for this one it was Todd Phillips again Joaquin was connected from the very beginning and the Pitch Phillips gave him is we're going to make a real movie but we're going to get warner brothers to fifty million dollars for it by calling it fucking joker yeah how did Todd Phillips and doing this because I've seen a lot of his films old cool that hangover trilogy these are not things that I associate with a Gritty New York Scorsese style film you saying that and coach when I look at this filmography I hadn't seen most of what he meant. Yeah they're bad comedies well he makes kind of comedy I don't patronize the I'm not ever interested in watching skin hutch that's just not something I'm going to see I did see war dogs which I actually thought it was a little underrated I thought it was pretty good it's okay yeah kind of fell apart at the end yeah thought it was decent as well and it was four dogs that actually got this happening as he was at an early screening of war dogs with Warner brothers and realize is is exact phrase was war dogs wasn't going to set the world on fire as so he started talking to Warner about what could we make that's going to really get attention and do a little bit more be a little more provocative look way down on his resume his first film and you might actually see why he really got the Gig I was doc I didn't realize I had always heard about this documentary about the punk icon singer G- yeah I did not know top Phillips did that I have seen it ooh those are some live performances you wanna be careful with he strips down throws a species tough stuff to watch yeah I watched the movie I was like Oh I've always wanted to see it this gives me an lent reason it may be the closest of all his films to joker it begins with an actual endorsement from John Wayne Gay see another killer clown so yeah brutal I don't know that I'm telling people I recommend that experience be prepared I don't say this lightly it is very punishing it is very hard set is provocative and ways a lot of people probably want appreciate but you can't see a director who's very much trying to confront a freak entertainer and I do think at a core G G Allen and joker are two sides of the same coin so I would be interested to see a guy that came from punk rock bring a punk rock aesthetic to of joker movie if we must Gotcha Joker Origin Story. I WanNa say though I'm hesitant because I mean I always liked the way Keith Ledger played it how did I get my scars there's a danger and telling US definitively how joker came to exist right. There's something about the mystery we want to leave I've always liked the mystery the funny thing and you can go back to books and Nachos where in our talks about the killing joke written by Alan Moore the joker says I always change my story but here's the version I'm going to tell of my own gin and they tell an origin story and then just as origin story we're just GonNa make that the real thing but yeah I've always preferred him to be like Batman rewritten so obsessed with origin Martha Thomas Wayne Getting Killed and the pearls and walking out Zora all of that that has been told so many times joker being the opposite of Batman I liked that you just this mysterious chaotic clown figure that comes out of nowhere yeah I've definitely was thinking the killing joke when watching this and how it took elements of that in that Comic Book Joker was a failed stand up comedian who was kind of down on his luck in a rundown older Gotham city but I came in I think we might be seeing virtually and adaptation of the killing joke minus all the Batman stuff no they definitely go in a different direction with this but it gave them a good starting point and joker said he likes his origin story to be multiple choice. DC is having both ways they're gonNa make their continuity multiple choice switch movies do you want and continuity go ahead that's weird for me that we're seeing something that I should not think of as a comic book movies essentially what they're telling me don't worry I'll have nothing to do with Zam Aquaman wonder woman and all of that I mean did they even have that DC logo they have that old school Warner Brothers logo show up no DC logo okay and yet I mean it's not just your average comic book movies this movie's doing bigger than a lot of films I mean it's opening bigger than the average thor film it's maybe not topped here it's not spiderman but I'm not really it's no atman though it's beaten that man right yeah this is going to have a ninety million joining in the US. The biggest October release of all time is it Halloween in the mood for something kind of scary after it we want another killer oh but it's shocking to me the box office for what essentially feels a little art film is so huge and that it's rated R. You can't get teenagers in which is where marvel makes its money is they are aiming specifically at thirteen to seventeen year old market with their PG thirteen films and yes adults can like it in younger kids can like it but they're keeping that content for a rated R. Film in an error where in my experience it's much harder for young people to get into a rated R. Film that it made this much money is shocking to me I expected it to do well I didn't expect it to break venoms record

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