California Becomes First State to Ban Fur Production and Sales

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I don't have a funny quip about California so let's move on California he is a state in the United States and it is the first US state to ban animal for products the governor signed a bill over the weekend? that will bar residents from selling or making clothing shoes or handbags with I starting in twenty twenty three animal rights groups are obviously cheering about this development the proposal was vigorously opposed by the US for industry and the for Information Council of America has already threatened to Sue San Francisco and Los Angeles already had bans on trapping and sale Call A. for so those were two cities in the state of California where you couldn't really deal in for but this is the first Statewide ban here's what it doesn't apply to it does not apply to you used products or those made for religious or tribal purposes it excludes the sale of leather dog and cat fur cow-hides deer sheep and goats skin at anything preserved through taxidermy yeah so that's happening so you could still have vintage for as what is saying keep that also some pro for groups are saying listen this is not really being thought through because if you do fo- for that could be bad for the environment too because all the plastics chemicals which is not wrong but I think you could have two things happening simultaneously right I'm very confused by this dog and cat fur thing and I don't like it whatever it is I'm not not aboard do not support but I am into the restriction ends on producing or selling mink Chinchilla rabbit or other animals this is a huge event for animal rights activists it doesn't surprise me that is coming out of California I because those cities that you mentioned were so on board with getting underway I'm wondering if other states are going to follow suit what do you think as California goes so does the country right I don't think that's actually a saying does it arguably one of the leaders in the US fashion industry like when you think of Fashion Hud you have la you have New York which is at a different scale than la La has like larger manufacturing units New York has a lot of the offices and smaller manufacturing units got a little bit in the Carolinas you've got a little bit in the Detroit Area I think if you're looking yeah in Nashville and if you're looking for the the biggest impact the quickest for this it's going to be in California but I think a lot of people will voluntarily get on board with this especially if they're doing business with fashion houses that are based in California or have manufacturing units and California the the past two years we've seen a lot of movement within the fashion industry to start not using our products and there's kind of a snowball effect for instance Chanel Prada Gucci and burberry all said that they are going to use for anymore and they're minds and of course those aren't US base but there is kind of this effect where it's picking up steam so I'm interested to see what happens next

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