Biden said you have to 'keep punching' to address domestic violence


The ten leading Democrats looking to succeed Donald Trump in the White House when added in Atlanta university of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato says it was an active debate for the moderate voices in the field and says centers Cory Booker Amy club which are still down but he says Twitter traffic during the debate was telling people don't like Joe Biden criticized him throughout the debate people don't like Elizabeth Warren criticized her throughout the debate people don't like Bernie Sanders criticized him throughout the debate translation no minds were changed one thing by now is getting criticized over is this answer to a question about domestic violence no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self defense and that's rarely ever occurs and so we have to just change the culture and keep punching out in and punching out of contention he match those words with punching motions with his fist CBS news update on that

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