Introducing Radio Rental


Hi listeners so many of you have been reaching out asking why there hasn't been a new full body chills. Well it was just a special. We did for Halloween but it will be back next year and since you guys liked it so much we are going to run it for the full month of October but October is a long way away. So in the meantime I have another scary podcast to tell you about that. I think you're really going to love. It's called Radio Rental. It's produced by pain. Lindsey the Creator up and vanished and hosted by actor Rainn Wilson best known for his role as Dwight Eight on. NBC's the office. It might sound like a funny combination but I promise it works over the course of each episode Rainn Wilson appearing as his character actor Terry Carnation welcomes you into radio rental a fictional VHS rental store where he plays a video tape from his bizarre collection on each tape. Pain Lindsey interviews real people who have lived to tell their terrifying tale spanning from Erie experiences with the dead to close encounters as with killers to unexplained phenomena this semi scripted series provides the perfect balance of suspense and Comic Relief. Each radio rental. The story is truly horrifying. But rainn Wilson will have you in tears. Laughing by the end here is a radio rental story that I think you're going to enjoy when something is tapping on your window. In the middle of the night it could be a bird could be your boyfriend or it could be a serial killer from tender foot TV in cadence thirteen. Welcome to radio rental. The fall of two thousand six. I was a student issue. I had just moved into an apartment. It was a crap apartment. tweaker stuff like that. We will call his kids bottom floor. The head of my bed was right up against the window. We looked out into this courtyard area. I used to sleep with my window cracked a little bit. One morning. I remember it was schoolday. It was like four forty five in the morning. It wasn't pitch-black but it certainly wasn't bright. It was just dawn. I don't remember if I was dreaming. I just remember being woken up by this sound. It was just like this. It was.

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