Mason Rudolph, Steelers And Mike Tomlin discussed on NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program


You saw that one on Sunday. A Spaghetti Mason Rudolph struggling mightily against the lowly bengals game that the steelers really. I don't use must win. But a game that they have to have they. Basically I don't know that they can stumble more than once the rest of the way down the stretch here the one you would circle that. They could lose gas if they were to win out. But it's highly improbable probable when you're not playing a pro level. Were the offense that this team is capable of winning five games the rest of the way. They're not gonna do that so things will just have to break right as I said if they could get the nine wins. That would be a success for Mike Tomlin. At this point the question is who do they start at the time. Time of this recording still not announced can't imagine why Mike Tomlin would run a Mason Rudolph out there except to make a point that I'm not going to be dictated to by the media who I have to start is the quarterback and I want to not not just that I could see Tomlin's mindset being a coach guy being a player's sky saying `I stand with Mason Rudolph I believe Mason Rudolph side of the story with Myles Garrett and all of that and I'm not going to to let that influence my decision but the practical issues are first of all Mason Rudolph shift not playing well that's it's

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